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Bills Set up Draft Plan with Free Agent Signings

Bills Set up Draft Plan with Free Agent Signings
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Bills Set up Draft Plan with Free Agent Signings

the Bills retained two of their own free agents and sign three others, but as the roster gets filled the draft targets are becoming more obvious. Through three days of free agency the Buffalo Bill shave signed guard Chris Williams, linebacker Keith Rivers and cornerback Corey Graham while keeping kicker Dan Carpenter and tight end Scott Chandler. Each player fills a needed role for the team and each have an opportunity to be starters in 2014. All the signings come with short contracts and low salaries, as a whole each decision helps formulate their plans for the NFL draft come May.

Although the Bills 6-10 record reflects a team not ready for contention at the playoffs, the roster itself does carry talent. Especially on the defensive side of the ball with three pro bowlers. The offense on the other hand is a big question mark for the team as the unit lack the firepower to compete with teams like the New Orleans Saints and new England Patriots, but the cupboard is not completely bare there either.

The reality of the Bills is that certain positions need to be addressed, and the notable signings are only there to fill depth and to zero in on position of need. Those voided positions are still the same as they were pre-draft with wide receiver, offensive line, tight end and linebacker. Safety can now be included with the departure of Jarius Byrd to the New Orleans Saints, but after drafting two safeties last year, they might just be okay at that position.

The Buffalo Bills seem to have identified the positions they will need to address in the draft and it all comes down to who will be left when their clock lights up at the 9th position. The top players in each of the positions mentioned are Sammy Watkins, Eric Gibson, Jake Matthews and Khalil Mack. Out of the four maybe two will be available but only Ebron seems to be the most likely.

Though it could easily end up that one of the other players ends up being graded much higher than the rest, the Bills then could very well trade up and grab one of them. Otherwise they could just sit back and watch the dominos fall and take a player that is graded the highest within the positional groups they are in need of as any of the players will instantly make the Bills better.

Free agency is still only a few days old and other player might end up in Buffalo but for now the draft picture for the Bills is getting much clearer.


Miami Dolphins Fan through and through, but football fan all around.

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