Bills vs. Jets, Xmas Bowl Picks

Luciano 11

Bills vs. Jets, Xmas Bowl Picks
Luciano 11
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It will feel like Christmas when Rex returns to Met Life tonight. Both teams wearing solid colors (green and red) in what should be a brutally physical contest. Both teams will look to continue their quest for a WC spot.

Rex or no Rex, I agree with Marshall, this is football, and on the field none of the other stuff matters. Bills come in on a high, after beating the Dolphins at home to get back to .500.

The Jets survived numerous in-game injuries to beat the Jaguars. This game will be very close for most of it, until a Brandon Marshall TD puts the Jets ahead for good. The Bills are a very penalized team, and that will hurt them for field position. The Jets have become incredibly good at scoring inside the 20. Jets will force Tyrod to throw a lot more than the Bills game plan is designed to do. Last time a Rex Ryan coached team won two straight was weeks 16 & 17 of the 2013 season, Jets win 24-17

Dustin Wende (DudTheStud66)

Fitztragic strikes again. Bills Win!!!!

28-7 (Jets miss 4 FGs)
I’m a Bills fan, save your pity for Dolphins fans.

Jets would win, but Bullock sucks and missed 2 FGs

Buffalo 16, NY 13

Not the blow out we expect for a Thursday and Fitztragic arrives for the Jets

Buffalo- 28 Jets- 20

Karlos scores two TDs

Bills 28, Jets 17
the hooded genius

I’m rooting for BUF. …. it’ll be easier to beat them next week if they win tonight

Bills 23  Jets 20

17-13 Jets…

Bills cover the spread and win on a missed Jets FG

Bills 23 Jets 21

BILLS! 27-14
Phidias Hornploy 11

Jets 28-27

Last year Rex Ryan was 2-6 Coaching at MetLife

Jets 31 Bills 27


                                                     BISON    JERSEY

QUARTERBACK                               1     1
RUNNING BACK                              2     0
WIDE RECIEVERS                          1     1
TIGHT ENDS                                     2     0
OFFENSIVE LINE                           0     2
SECONDARY                                     1     1
SPECIAL TEAMS                              1     1
COACHING                                        0     2
TOTAL                                                 8     10

Jersey Crop Dusters 20 – Mighty Mighty Bison 14

My take on these picks? Bills fans are not too confident, all (except Nik) are hoping for missed FGs


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