Bills WR mess

Bills WR mess
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The Bills made a splash last Friday (it seems their big moves are made on a Friday) when they traded a 6th round pick for Mike Williams from the Bucs. Williams adds a physical wide receiver who can go up and win the jump ball. This should definetely help the offense as now they have a legit outside threat that can run more than one route. After this move, the depth chart has changed entirely and looks like this:[table “10” not found /]

What this shows that with the acquisition of Williams, TJ Graham is more than likely gone. His production was horrible, his route running was horrible, and he doesn’t play special teams and the Bills want their 5th and 6th WR spots to either play ST or be big. It also means that the Bills now have four different wide receivers with unique skillsets. Williams is the physical jump ball receiver, Woods is the Mr. Reliable and great route runner, Stevie is the shifty slot guy who finds may to get open, and Goodwin is the freaky speedster who you can’t over throw.

However, with Mike Williams joining the Bills comes a big cap number for 2015 which becomes guaranteed on the 3rd day of the league year. Another receiver who has a big cap number in 2015 is Stevie Johnson. One of the two will not be a Bills in 2015 and with Williams being a guy who adds something that the Bills really need, more than likely Stevie Johnson will not be a Bill in 2015 barring a big year. He could potentially get traded if the Bills use one of their first three draft picks on a WR in the 2014 draft which is very possible, particularly a guy who is open when he is covered.

My prediction for the Bills depth chart at the start of the season is:





Easley (special teamer)

Hogan/Kauffman/Elliot (Big WR/ST)


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