Breakout year…Buffalo Bills

Luciano 11

Breakout year…Buffalo Bills
Luciano 11
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The series I started back in 2014 is back for a third season. I will pick a player from each AFCE team. This is the player I think has a breakout year; a year that makes people take notice. We begin with the Buffalo Bills.
Last year, I chose Stephon Gilmore, because I figured he would thrive in Rex’s CB friendly schemes. I think he did.
Rex Ryan came to the Bills as a head coach known for his defense, and very little knowledge of the offense. When he arrived in Buffalo, he did the right thing, he hired and gave full trust to a proven offensive coordinator that shared some of his philosophy.
The first move was to get a quarterback, one that resembled a particular type of player, with these characteristics:

  1. Mobility, because he needs to run to keep the drive alive (which is why Rex was so sold on the wild cat).
  2. A strong arm, because there will be a lot of third and long. Unfortunately when you run, run, many times you end up in situation you need to pass for 10.
  3. Smart, and NOT turn it over. This is what drove Rex insane with Sanchez and Geno. He feels that his defense can win any game, as long as the offense doesn’t turn it over.

The Bills had a battle that included Cassel, EJ and newly acquired Tyrod Taylor. Taylor won the job, and after a real solid “rookie” year, he becomes my choice for Breakout Player”.
Yea I know, he sort of broke out last season, but I do not think a season makes a player, and Tyrod needs to be even better this year, I think he improves……I promise, CJ did not pay me, nor place a gun to my head.
Excellent athlete

Good vision

Great mobility


Strong arm
Tends to lock down on one receiver

Improve decision making
At the end of the season the Bills will pick up his contract, and deservedly so. Taylor will improve as a passer, ore so than a runner. He will be the bills QB for years to come.


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