Buffalo Bills (3-3) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)

Buffalo Bills (3-3) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)
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London: Sunday, October 25, 2015 – 8:35 EST,
Buffalo Bills (3-3) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)


The stage was set for Bills fans to enjoy a leisurely breakfast while watching their team take care of business overseas. The expected outcome would see the Bills with a 4-3 record heading into the bye week before 3 straight games vs division opponents. EJ Manual would be starting in place of injured Tyrod Taylor but nothing to worry about there. The Jaguars were 1 and 5 and starting Blake Bortles at QB with his 54% completion ratio leading a team yet to score a rushing TD.


Jaguars 34 – Bills 31 So what went wrong for the Bills that had their fans throwing things at televisions and punching anyone who dared say. “That’s why they play the games” in the face. The short answer is the 2nd quarter happened but it was the game’s final minutes that drained the fans of their last vestige of civility.


The Game:

1st quarter ends
Ends:   Bill 3 Jags 0 , Jags ball 1st and 10 at Buffalo 11


2nd quarter
14:05 Allen Robinson , 10 yard pass from Bortles – Touchdown / Bills 3 Jags 7
12:21 EJ Manual fumble, recovered Jags Chris Clemons 6 yard return – Touchdown / Bills 3 Jags 14
12:14 Jags Telvin Smith 26 yard interception return – Touchdown / Bills 3 Jags 21
10:06 EJ Manuel intercepted by P.Posluszny to BUF 36
8:25 T.J. Yeldon 28 Yd Run (PAT failed) / Bills 3 Jags 27
There’s only so much good and bad luck in a game and the Bills use the remaining time in the 1st half to start showing why they should have won.
2:46 Robert Woods 16 Yard Pass From EJ Manuel – Touchdown (12 plays 85 yards) Bills 10 Jags 27
0:08 Dan Carpenter 38 Yd Field Goal (7 plays 30 yards) Bills 13 Jags 27


3rd quarter
No scoring, Bills 13 Jags 27


4th quarter
14:50 Dan Carpenter 26 Yd Field Goal (14 plays 91 yards) Bills 16 Jags 27
6:33 Easley 58 yard pass From EJ Manuel – Touchdown (2 plays 52 yards) L Mccoy for 2 Bills 24 Jags 27
5:21 Bills Corey Graham 44 Yard Interception Return – Touchdown / Bills 31 Jags 27

YES – shouted the fans, that’s redemption, the Jags hadn’t scored for 30 minutes and 7 possessions, one more stop and it’s over. It wasn’t a lot to ask of a roster loaded with defensive talent, perhaps the best the Bills have seen this century. But it turned out to be too much to ask.
2:16 Allen Hurns 31 yard pass From Blake Bortles – Touchdown (7 plays 84 yards) FINAL: Bills 31-Jags 34


The loss dropped the Bills to 3-4 a disappointing spot for a team that handed out a league high 90 million in guaranteed money during the offseason to build a bully the coach declared nobody would want to play. Worse than that it was an absolute disaster for those fans who put their faith in the offseason promises of the new coaching staff.

blake bortles


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