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Buffalo Bills Teams to Root for Week 14

Buffalo Bills Teams to Root for Week 14
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Buffalo Bills


Chance of making the playoffs


  • No Clinching Scenarios have emerged yet for the Bills


  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Bills
Week 14 Impact on the Bills playoff chances
Bills @ Broncos If Bills win +15.28% If Broncos win -15.14%
Cardinals vs. Chiefs If Cardinals win +2.02% If Chiefs win -2.06%
Chargers vs. Patriots If Chargers win +0.71% If Patriots win -0.65%
Colts @ Browns If Colts win +0.67% If Browns win -0.61%
Bengals vs. Steelers If Bengals win +0.58% If Steelers win -0.57%
Jaguars vs. Texans If Jaguars win +0.39% If Texans win -0.40%
Eagles vs. Seahawks If Eagles win +0.21% If Seahawks win -0.13%
Raiders vs. 49ers If Raiders win +0.17% If 49ers win -0.19%
Packers vs. Falcons If Packers win +0.14% If Falcons win -0.11%



The Buffalo Bills are still in the thick of it after this past Sunday’s win a multiple losses by the AFC North teams. The managed to claw their way up from number 12 to number 7 before the Monday Night Dolphins vs Jets showdown. Now with six teams holding a record of 7-5 including the Bills, this is a very competitive season in the AFC. The key for the Bills is to obviously continue to win but also as important is for the AFC North to continue to lose. The key games will be Dolphins vs Ravens, Colts vs Browns, and Bengals vs Steelers. If the North division loses in week 14 that puts the Bills one full game ahead of the pack and then it will be a question of hoping for 3 teams to implode instead of 6. The Chiefs, Chargers and Dolphins will be the only teams blocking the entrance to the post season. The only issue is that none of those teams are left in the Bills schedule so it will not be in their hands from here on out. Realistically the speaking though, the Chiefs will be hard to knock off and even though it seems (mathematically) that the best possible scenario is for the Chargers to beat the Patriots a loss by the Chargers would also hep the Bills immensely for a wild card run.


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