Championship Sunday Recap

Luciano 11

Championship Sunday Recap
Luciano 11
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Here we are, 4 teams left for the right to play in SB50!

Patriots @ Broncos


This game was like watching two retired dudes playing chess at Dunkin Donuts, and one of the two was being yelled at by his wife to get home to use the dialysis machine.

Tom Brady entered this season with the most pressure and turmoil he has ever faced. Peyton Manning got a new head Coach, one that took away any of the power he earned during his career.


Playing in the altitude of Denver is never fun, for any team. The Patriots came in after beating the Chiefs at home, but this was not a good team down the stretch. Losses in last two games guaranteed that Denver would host this huge game.

Neither team looked good offensively, but Denver’s Defense was the biggest difference. The Patriots OL has been mediocre to crappy all season, and it all came to light today. Tom had no time to throw, no time to set, no time to think.


On the other hand Manning was sharp yet way off. This was not a vintage Manning game by any stretch, and unless he can find the fountain of youth and drink heavily, he will not be able to beat either NCF team.

BTW, I was wrong, I had the Pats winning in OT 22-19.


Denver’s hopes to win SB: Unless this team finds a running game and the D. Thomas of yesteryear, not going to happen, regardless of opponent.


Cardinals @ Panthers


Carson Palmer started the game thinking he was still wearing Bengals colors, he was way off and out of place. Finished it the same way. The Cardinals respect for the running and arm of Cam Newtown was also very evident early. It too proved to be correct.


David Johnson is an excellent find, but in the last few games Bruce Arians has relied on him a little too much. He has great hands out of the backfield, however against tough defenses he is not a true running back. The Cardinals in recent weeks have moved away from a good balanced attack, and it almost hurt them last weekend, it finally did Sunday.


The Panthers did exactly what they have done for most of the season, played tough defense and just put the ball in Cam Newton’s hands. Very few QBs could play the physical game Cam can play, very hard to defend a QB that can make Wild Cat type plays without changing personnel or schemes. Panthers crushed the Cardinals, almost toyed with them all game long.


Early Super Bowl Prediction


The game will not be too big for thePanthers, they will not be overwhelmed by the attention. Denver will not be playing in Denver, and that defense will not be able to play at the same level. Go back a few weeks, before this home stretch, they gave up a ton of points in Pittsburgh. Cam Newton will add the game MVP to his season MVP, he will lead this team to a blow out. All season we have heard and talked about the Cardinals offense as the best in the game, somehow brushed off the Panthers. Cardinals are no longer a balanced offense, Panthers have not deviated on bit from what got them here. Panthers 38-13


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