Dolphins-Bills Preview: The Hot Dog-Sandwich Conundrum


Dolphins-Bills Preview: The Hot Dog-Sandwich Conundrum
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The Bye Week is over and the Bills get back to action and begin a three game stretch against divisional foes. The first opponent is the Miami Dolphins who have had extra rest after getting embarrassed on national television.  The Bills are also reeling from two straight losses right before the bye and will look to fix that ugly home record. This is a must win game for both teams in that the winner will still be in the wild card hunt while the loser will start looking at the draft.


Blitz, Blitz and Blitz Some Moore


The Bills have struggled to generate pressure this year. They haven’t used their front four to attack and haven’t gone blitz happy like they were advertised to. They have had the bye week to think things over and against a below average offensive line, this is the perfect week to go pressure heavy against Ryan Tannehill and exploit the weakness of right tackle of Jason Fox. Mario Williams should be having a vintage Mario game where he will be getting at least one sack this game. The Dolphins will look to counter with a quick passing game but if the corners play press man like they are good at, it should look very similar to the home game in 2013 against the Dolphins.


The Shady and Los Show


The Bills have finally gotten some health in their running backs as for the first time since week 3, their top two RBs are back. Shady McCoy has been dealing with a lingering hamstring issue but in his last two games against Cincinnati and Jacksonville, he showed some burst and the ability to be a dynamic threat like he was in Philly.  Karlos “Los” Williams has been out since week 5 with a concussion and it finally looks like he has passed the protocol and be ready to go. Those two being back will be huge as they form a thunder and lightning duo which gives the Bills a solid one-two punch at RB to take pressure off the QB. The Miami run defense is not that good at all and like week 3, the Bills should have great success running against them. If not, it will be up to the QB to win it.


The Tyrod Train Returns


The Bills starting QB has return after spending the last few weeks recovering from a knee injury. Tyrod Taylor being back along with what should be a healthier Sammy Watkins means the Bills will have all their starters on offense again. Before the injury Tyrod was on a downward spiral as six of his last eight quarters of play had been dreadful. He is finally healthy (or at least they are saying he is) which means he should be able to spark some magic into the offense. If he has spent the past few weeks watching film and adjusting against the defense, this should be a return of the Tyrod from week 3 where he dominated this same Dolphins team.


If the Dolphins have an actual defensive coordinator unlike last time, the Dolphins should be game-planning against Tyrod by containing him in the pocket and not giving him the short stuff.  If Tyrod has learned from the film, this should be the perfect week to attack the intermediate portion of the field as the Dolphins LBs are horrendous. Big Play Clay should have a huge game and make the Dolphins regret thinking Jordan Cameron was any better. Tyrod will also bring some magic in the run game and break those huge gains on read option and scrambles and the fact the Dolphins can’t tackle. Sammy Watkins should also get his ten targets and the Clay-Watkins duo should combine for over 200 yards.


Overall this is a perfect game to return from the bye. The Dolphins are not a good team and Ryan Tannehill has been horrible historically against the Bills. Rex Ryan is also horrible after the bye which means something should give. With the offense being fully healthy and some big plays from the QB run game. This will look more like the Bills should look as they move on to New Jersey to play in the Ugly Uniform Bowl.


Fins 13

Bills  27


Meanwhile in South Carolina…..

The biggest game in ACC History since 2013 is this Saturday as the Florida State Seminoles head up to Clemson to face the Fighting Dabo Swinneys. Clemson is ranked #1 and is being considered the favorite to win the ACC and a huge favorite. Clemson is horrible at handling success (probably because a Ryan is on the team) which means this is the perfect week for Clemson to pull a Clemson like they did in 2013. If Jimbo Fisher isn’t an idiot and keeps Golson on the bench, the Noles might actually have a chance. I expect Jimbo to start SMag and with the one-two punch of Cook-Patrick and Clemson pulling a Clemson means a FSU win.


FSU 34

Clemson 30


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