Dolphins closing in on Patriots?

Dolphins closing in on Patriots?
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Have the Patriots lost their advantage in the AFCE


Not since 2008 has any AFC East team not named the Patriots won the division . The Jets were formidable for a few years and even went to a couple of championship games . Still, the Patriots wore the division crown . Even in 2008 they tied the Dolphins who had a far easier schedule .The Patriots finished amazingly well considering their star QB was sidelined for the year . So with the Patriots domination of the division , why should anything change ?


Mario Williams pressures Tom Brady

So what of the Dolphins? Sure they went 2-0 in 2010 and 2004 and still floundered during those seasons. This team aint those teams .Miami opened up a lead against the Browns on the road by out playing them in every phase of the game in the 2nd half other than running . Miami was safely ahead and put away an inferior team . Much more impressively was the win in Indianapolis. The team beat Andrew Luck in his house (he is 8-2 there) . They did it by allowing 3 second half points that off a Tannehill fumble. They did it by locking down the comeback kid in the 4th quarter. bottom line is this Dolphins team has shown grit and stamina.

Where does this leave the AFC East at? This is the Pats division until they are beaten for it. Miami has a chance to take it away from them. many thought the Patriots would own this division until he retired .I think now that maybe he will be challenged for the right to the AFC East crown for the remainder of his years as a Patriot . The Dolphins may not be there this year but they are closing fast with Philbin leading the way .

Written by: Coolcat


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