Dolphins-Colts: Will the Fins have Luck on their side?

Dolphins-Colts: Will the Fins have Luck on their side?
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Week 2 offers a very interesting matchup between two first round QBs from the 2012 draft. In this matchup between the Dolphins and Colts features #1 pick Andrew Luck and #8 pick Ryan Tannehill. Both QBs have taken different turns with Luck being the talk as he led his team to the playoffs and Tannehill who showed some promise but was largely forgotten. This game will be crucial in getting Tannehill the respect he deserves.

For the Dolphins this is an important game. It is a road game against a tough opponent and winning it would put the Dolphins on the radar as a contender. To do this they will have to stop Luck which has been hard to. Helping this will be a ferocious pass rush led by Wake which had 6 sacks in the opener against the Browns. The Colts do not have the best line, against the Raiders they gave up 4 sacks and their o-line will have a daunting task. When Luck is not being sacked or hit, he is a dangerous threat throwing the ball. His top WR Reggie Wayne will really show if the Dolphins have upgraded their secondary and whether Grimes is the real deal or not. The Colts do not have the best running game and lost their starting back Ballard. This spells trouble and means the Dolphins should have no problem making the Colts one-dimmensional.

The offense of the Dolphins should have great success against the Colts. Last week Tannehill showed real poise throwing the ball and picked apart the Browns secondary. He also showed good connection with Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson who had a combined 16 catches for 191 yards. Also the Dolphins will be helped by not facing Joe Haden which means that free agent Mike Wallace should have a big day against a shaky Colts secondary.

The biggest concern for the Dolphins is the run game which last week was pathetic. Good news is the Colts are ranked 30th in Run Defense so far this year. This should mean Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas should get good chunks of yardage and at least make the passing game not pick up the slack. If the run game cannot work, expect something similar to last week and Tannehill carrying the offense.

Overall this should be a tight close game where it is not until the 4th quarter that the game is decided. Andrew Luck has been known for his 4th quarter heroics but expect Tannehill to steal the show and lead the Dolphins to his own 4th quarter comeback.

Dolphins – 24
Colts – 21


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