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Dolphins Draft: Combine Edition

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Dolphins Draft: Combine Edition
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As the Miami Heat continue to disappoint, good news is the NFL Draft is just 2 months away!

1st) Brandon Scherff OG/OT from Iowa

Offensive line continues to be a concern for the Fins and they address the LG position with Scherff. Scherff has very good measurables and is a pretty good athlete but doesn’t have the long arms people desire for a tackle. He projects to be a LG  which would make the Fins happy happy happy. He would immediately improve the line and make sure the Fins Franchise QB Ryan Tannehill will be able to play the next 10 years.

2nd) Phillip Dorsett WR from The U.

Speed wins and Dorsett has speed. With the Fins potentially gutting part of their WR corp due to cap problems and Mike Wallace being kind of lazy, Fins probably need another WR to go with Landry. Dorsett is not huge at 5’10 185 but he makes up for it with his speed. He isn’t a one trick pony either as his route running is something he clearly has worked on and praised for during the Senior Bowll.  He can line up everywhere on the field and while the Go route is his best play, screens and slants are other plays he excels at. He’s a big play waiting to happen whenever he touches the ball and with the Fins offense needing those big plays to avoid the redzone, he would be a good choice.

3rd) Trey Flowers DE from Arkansas

Near the end of last year for some reason the Fins struggled to generate pressure. Dion Jordan looks to be a lost cause (except elite Special Teamer) and Wake needs a new O2 tank after each play. Trey Flowers is a solid pass rusher who moved around across the line at Arkansas. He has good size at 6’3 260 that teams want at DE and he is a very stout against the run as well. He could be a big contributor right away and you can never have too many pass rushers.

4th) Steven Nelson CB from Oregon State

Finnegan might be a cap casualty and the Fins could use some more CBs. Nelson isn’t huge at 5’10 187 but he makes up for it with toughness. Nicknamed “Mighty Mouse” by Charles Davis, he plays bigger than his size and is very physical and tough. His size however will force him to end up being a nicker corner, but with the NFL going more pass happy, you can never have too many corners.

5th) Karlos Williams RB from FSU

Outside of Lamar Miller the Fins don’t have much at RB which means they probably draft one. Williams is surprising fast (4.48 40) for his size (6’1 230) and is very elite at running in a straight line and is decent pass protector. Outside of that he is pretty terrible at moving directions or catching the ball. He probably looks to be a change of pace kind of guy in the NFL and a core special teamer.

6th) Rob Havenstein OT from Wisconsin

A strict RT, Rob is huge at 6’7 321. He is a solid run blocker but still needs to develop as a pass protector. He probably will be nothing more than a RT, but if Albert gets hurt again and James moves to LT again, Rob is a good backup to have.

7th) Wes Saxton TE from USA

Big Play Clay is probably a goner and the Fins love to draft a new TE each year. Saxton has real good speed but is a liability as a blocker. He is a move TE and can be a mismatch in the passing game. He needs to develop his blocking but his speed is a valuable asset especially on seam routes up the middle. He probably won’t be a superstar but could develop into a decent #2 TE.

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