Dolphins, Jets Rise Up – Power Rankings

Dolphins, Jets Rise Up – Power Rankings
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Another great week for the current best division in football as the AFC east remained perfect outside the division. The Miami Dolphins took care of business in their home opener with a last minute TD against the respected Atlanta squad while the Patriots put together a dominant defensive performance to stomp out the Buccaneers and their starting quarterback. In the intra-division battle, the home team Jets triumphed over the Bills despite a whopping 20 penalties. Without further ado, here are this weeks power rankings:

week 4 power rankings

Holmes TD

Holmes catches a Touchdown pass against the Bills

Things will get really interesting if the Jets can steal a game in Tennessee this week. Many outlets had the Jets as one of the worst 2-4 teams in the NFL to begin the year, but at 3-1, it’d be tough to keep them out of the top 15. Look for the Dolphins to jump into the top 5 if Tannehill can best elite passer Drew Brees in the Superdome. New England will likely find themselves in the top 3 with a win in Atlanta while the Bills should creep into the top 20 if they can rebound against the Superbowl champs.

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