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Well with the NFL news slowing down to a trickle, it’s a good time for the Fisherman’s Crystal Football again.

No news is NOT always good news for us fans. Draft speculations abound. Who will resign whom, FA’s, Trades upcoming, Scouting reports. Etc…. Exciting times, right?


The Crystal football was (unfortunately) right about the demise of the Dolphins coaching staff. My surprise was the firing of Jeff Ireland. I know, I know…A lot of fans think it was long over due, but not me. I always blame the coaches for not utilizing players to their strengths. And moving players to positions that they don’t normally play and expecting them to morph into what they weren’t hired to do.


Coach Bowling PinFiring the head coaches’ “hand picked” staff and telling him to start over is a disaster in the wings. JoJo Philpin will look like Tony (fist pump) Sparano by week 8.

I feel he lost the locker room along with Sherman.

The Incognito/Martin circus was caused by eliminating team captains.

I hold the Head Coach totally responsible for this past season’s failure. After all, “Head Coach” means just that.

If a team “cleans house”, don’t leave the dirt under the rug!

Lame duck HC will not be trying very hard with out his “compadre`s”.

Lame duck HC means lame duck season for 2014.

Looking like a 7-9 season upcoming.  (sigh)



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