Early Season Outlook-Buffalo Bills

Luciano 11

Early Season Outlook-Buffalo Bills
Luciano 11
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Free agency has nothing left but a few crumbs, the draft has been completed, and the teams are now trying out un-drafted players, in the hopes of finding a hidden gem. Soon there will be no news at all as summer will be upon us.
I want to take a realistic look at the upcoming season, although early for various reasons, this could be fun. It will be done without hate, regardless of my allegiance, I will be fair….at least to what I consider fair.

2016 Schedule

1 Sun, Sep 11 @ Baltimore

2 Thu, Sep 15 vs New York Jets

3 Sun, Sep 25 vs Arizona

4 Sun, Oct 2 @ New England

5 Sun, Oct 9 @ Los Angeles

6 Sun, Oct 16 vs San Francisco

7 Sun, Oct 23 @ Miami

8 Sun, Oct 30 vs New England

9 Mon, Nov 7 @ Seattle


11 Sun, Nov 20 @ Cincinnati

12 Sun, Nov 27 vs Jacksonville

13 Sun, Dec 4 @ Oakland

14 Sun, Dec 11 vs Pittsburgh

15 Sun, Dec 18 vs Cleveland

16 Sat, Dec 24 vs Miami

17 Sun, Jan 1 @ New York Jets

The division: The Bills ended 2015 at 8-8, beating the Dolphins and the Jets 4 times, in other words half the wins were against two teams. To start with, the Dolphins many not have improved to become a ten win team, however to sweep both of these teams again is a tall order. I will pick the Bills to have  a 3-3 record in the AFCE.
The NFCW: visits to Seattle and Los Angeles and home games to the Cardinals and 49ers. Realistically speaking, beating the Rams and the 49ers is not going to be that hard, however in Seattle is not easy to win, and the Cards maybe the best team in football. I will say 2-2.
The AFCN: Always fun to play these teams, and we maybe catching them at the right time. Trips to Cincinnati and Baltimore should gain the Bills a split. Home games to the Steelers and Browns will be another spilt. Steelers may very well be the best team in the AFC, Browns are still a work in progress, ending this section at 2-2.
The Rest: Home game against Jacksonville will not be easy, Jags are an improving young team, and maybe ready to win the AFCS. I will give the Bills a close win here, but this game can go either way. A trip west to Oakland is never easy, even when the Raiders have been bad, and the Raiders are no longer bad. This is an easy loss for Rex’s crew, ending this stretch at 1-1.
The Season: The Bills will repeat at 8-8, but can easily drop to 7-9 depending on a game or two. Considering the strength of this schedule, that shouldn’t be considered a step backwards, but will the starving Bills fans feel the same way?


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