Early Season Outlook-New York Jets

Luciano 11

Early Season Outlook-New York Jets
Luciano 11
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Free agency has nothing left but a few crumbs, the draft has been completed, and the teams are now trying out un-drafted players, in the hopes of finding a hidden gem. Soon there will be no news at all as summer will be upon us.
I want to take a realistic look at the upcoming season, although early for various reasons, this could be fun. It will be done without hate, regardless of my allegiance, I will be fair….at least to what I consider fair.

2016 Schedule

1 Sun, Sep 11 vs Cincinnati

2 Thu, Sep 15 @ Buffalo

3 Sun, Sep 25 @ Kansas City

4 Sun, Oct 2 vs Seattle

5 Sun, Oct 9 @ Pittsburgh

6 Mon, Oct 17 @ Arizona

7 Sun, Oct 23 vs Baltimore

8 Sun, Oct 30 @ Cleveland

9 Sun, Nov 6 @ Miami

10 Sun, Nov 13 vs Los Angeles


12 Sun, Nov 27 vs New England

13 Mon, Dec 5 vs Indianapolis

14 Sun, Dec 11 @ San Francisco

15 Sat, Dec 17 vs Miami

16 Sat, Dec 24 @ New England

17 Sun, Jan 1 vs Buffalo

The division: The Jets swept the Dolphins and were swept by the Bills, I do not see either of those situations happening again. They will split with the Patriots and end at 3-3.
The NFCW: Cardinals will not lose to the Jets, but the jets will beat the Seahawks at Met Life. I also think that the Rams rookie QB will have his hands full with this defense, and not a shot the Jets lose tot he 49ers. 3-1 in what is no longer a real tough division.
The AFCN: Steelers on the road is not winnable, Cleveland sure is. The Jets will be able to beat the Ravens at Met Life, and as luck would have they play the Bengals in NJ as well. 3-1.
The Rest: A road game in Kansas City is never easy, and the Jets will lose this one. They do come home and beat the lowly Colts. 1-1
The Season: I ma not trying to copy last year’s schedules, but so far, the jets follow the trend started with the Bills and Dolphins, and they too match last year’s record at 10-6. The exception will be that this year’s team will be a wild card.
This also takes into account that Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming back, if not, this becomes 8-8.


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