Early Season Prediction-Dolphins

Early Season Prediction-Dolphins
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Football season is here folks! Camps are open and “real” news is about to hit us hard…..something that will linger all the way until either our team is done for sure after week 17, or, if we are lucky further.
I will write my own early prediction for each team starting with the “team from Down-Under”.
The Dolphins enter a crucial season, especially for this coaching staff. Year one under Gase “The Cutler Fixer” was amazing, win season, playoff game, and dreams of a future filled with aqua colored diamonds. Gase earned a reputation for being a huge influence in having fixed Cutler, in Chicago. I for one never understood why? I mean Cutler was not exactly Tom Brady nor even Joe Flacco in that one season. The Dolphins bought the hype and they hired him with hopes of a marriage made in heaven with RT17.
It all worked, or appeared to, then Tannenhill went down in camp a year ago. Even the addition of Gase’s true love, Cutler didn’t really help things. Was it Cutler? Gase? Bad luck? Let’s get to why I’m even writing this article.
Gase proved that under unexpected circumstances, he was not up to par. Almost every year, a team, or multiple teams find themselves dealing with things that nobody expected. Losing RT was not expected, however, a great, or soon to be great HC, doesn’t let that be the beginning of a downfall or an excuse of a season…..especially when you beg management to get your boy out of a booth and back into a uniform, all before game one was even played. Gase failed miserably in 2017, and that is not to say he will again, now that the QB he inherited form previous HCs is back!…but will he?
My early Prediction
The Dolphins open the season with 3 of the first 5 on the road. Home to Titans and Raiders, away to Jets, Patriots and Bengals. These 5 games will dictate Gase’s Immediate future. If there is one thing we have learned with Ross is that he is not afraid to get rid of a HC early or late in the season. If the Dolphins are not looking good, I think Stephen Ross will pull the trigger fast. We all know that Ross has lied to HCs and candidates about who he really wanted on the job, he has always coveted and admired Jim Harbaugh. As for Jimbo, he will totally annoy any remaining supporters he has left in Michigan way before the college season ends, and Ross will smell blood. Jimbo on his way out of his alma matter, and a bad start by Gase is all he will need to throw millions at Harbaugh and give him total control of the team. I predict that Gase gets fired during the season and Ross continues to chase his desired prize. 

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