Early Season Prediction-Jets

Early Season Prediction-Jets
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Football season is here folks! Camps are open and “real” news is about to hit us hard…..something that will linger all the way until either our team is done for sure after week 17, or, if we are lucky further.
After we uncovered the Dolphins, its the Jets turn to be see through my crystal ball.
Mike MacCagnan received a lot of abuse by sports writers and fans alike in 2017, as he basically gutted the team. But let us look at the moves he made.

  1. Revis: retired at 33 after playing a few games at the end of last season with the Chiefs.
  2. Mangold: did not play last season and retired in April.
  3. David Harris: retired after spending last season with the Patriots.
  4. Eric Decker: a free agent after basically being non existent with the Titans.
  5. Brandon Marshall: trying to make the Seahawks after a bad year with the Giants.
  6. Breno Giacomini: trying to make the Raiders.
  7. Marcus Gilchrist: also trying to make the Raiders on a one-year deal.
  8. Nick Folk: a free agent after playing a few games with the Buccaneers 
  9. Ryan Clady: retired

Do you see the pattern? In the past these guys would have been kept and hopes would be built around their presence. 
My prediction
The young core of replacements that came in last year will start to gel, especially on defense. The offense will have a fresh and more exciting look as the moves made to move up the draft board and select what was considered by most to be the best QB in this class begin to pan out. Mike MacCagnan will be among candidates for Executive of the year……..nothing new to him

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