Entering Mike Green Futility Zone and What’s in a Name?

Entering Mike Green Futility Zone and What’s in a Name?
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Entering Mike Green Futility Zone and What’s in a Name?

Last Week: 1-3-1

I had a horrible week last week and I’m entering Mike Green NFL terrible pick territory now, so buyer beware. I do feel good about all this week’s picks though.

Overall: 6-7-1

To the picks!

BUFFALO +2½EV @ Home versus Baltimore

The bills let me down for the first time last week, but my numbers still love them. I think we see the outright upset here, but since the juice is already even for buffalo and the book is only giving +125 for the win by the bills take the points.

DETROIT -3-110 @ Home vs Chicago
my power numbers now have Detroit as the #3 ranked team, in large part due to the Stafford playing good enough to be the second ranked qb on my list while taking just 2 sacks so far. I have them winning by 8, so give the points.

SAN DIEGO +2-110 @ Home vs NYJ
I have this as another upset with San Diego winning, but the book is only giving +100 here for a charger win, I guess maybe people have been hitting the money line hard, so take the points and be safe.

OAKLAND +3-105 @ Home versus the Pathetic Washington Redskins
It looks like either the public or the sharps are coming hard on the Redskins side. I like the raiders since TP like he is going to play. Apparently it turns out the only people that find the name redskin offensive are political types that make a living off separating our fair citizenry in the desire to find victims and perpetrators, and if they can’t be found simply creating the *victims* out of whole cloth.

“And even though an Annenberg Public Policy Center poll found that 90 percent of Native Americans were not offended by the Redskins name, and even though linguists say the “redskins” word was first used by Native Americans themselves, and even though nobody on the Blackfeet side of my wife’s family has ever had someone insult them with the word “redskin,” it doesn’t matter. There’s no stopping a wave of PC-ness when it gets rolling.”


OAKLAND +10-105 (B+7) MIAMI +13½-105 (B+7)
I can’t find another game I am more than lukewarm on so let’s parlay a couple of dogs; one at home, and one in the superdome; The Fins and the Raiders and Steelers.


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