Everybody Wants You: Life of a Patriot


Everybody Wants You: Life of a Patriot
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It must be great to play for the greatest team on the planet: The New England Patriots.  A team that is playing their backup QB due to a horrific act of injustice by Roger Goodell and missing the greatest TE of all time, was still able to dominate the Arizona Cardinals and the future London Dolphins.  Jimmy Garoppolo is now going to get traded this offseason for a plethora picks and now 3rd string QB Jacoby Brissett will also get traded for a plethora of picks after dominating the Houston Texans this  Thursday. But the question is, why are all these Patriot players so good? Also how come every team wants to so badly sign these guys in free agency or trade the farm for Patriot players? This article will answer those questions.
The first major reason is because Patriot players are just straight up than every other player in the NFL. They get 1st round talent in the 6th round and even UDFAs end up being superstars in the league. The biggest reason is because the Patriots coaching staff is the greatest staff ever assembled.  Every coach on the staff could be a Head Coach elsewhere but they intentionally choose to stay in New England to coach future HOFers. Look at Josh McDaniels, he has had at least 10 jobs open that he could have taken the last two years but he decided instead to stay in New England because being an assistant coach in New England is far better than being a Head Coach for the Browns, Bills or Titans. Patriots also have a secret weapon no one has in Ernie Adams. Ernie is a whiz at researching other teams and his advance scouting of all teams makes the Patriots the most informed team in the league.  Without Ernie Adams, the Patriots would just be the best team in the NFL, not the greatest team in sports history.
The biggest reason why other teams want Patriots is because they think getting a Patriot will make their team better. These Patriot players have big years with the Pats and other teams so badly want to be good that they fork over millions of dollars to make a backup for the Patriots be their best player on defense. Look no further than QBs. Matt Cassel had a fantastic 2008 year and would have won the Super Bowl if the Dolphins didn’t cheat with the Wildcat. After the year, the Kansas City Chiefs traded the farm for him to make him their guy. Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett are other examples of backup QBs other teams have made their starters because they played for the Patriots.  Every team wants that Patriot magic and will do anything to get it. Every other team in the NFL envies the Patriots and are jealous of their success and will do anything to get it or take the Patriots down. That is why the NFL unjustly punished the Patriots for a crime they didn’t commit, all because of envy by the other 31 franchises in the NFL.  This also expands to coaches as many assistant coaches have been hired because teams think the Patriot way will save them. That’s why guys like Charlie Weiss, Romeo Crennell, Eric Mangini and Bill O’Brien have gotten lucrative head coaching jobs elsewhere as everyone wants to be like the Patriots.
But why do many of these players struggle on other teams? The answer is pretty easy, not every team has an Ernie Adams. Ernie Adams is the biggest reason why the Patriots are what they are, without him, they don’t beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. His gift makes the Patriot players know every thing the opponent is doing before it happens which leads to big stops. That’s why these Patriots struggle elsewhere, they need an Ernie Adams.
In conclusion, the Patriots are the greatest franchise of all time. Every player on the roster should make the Pro Bowl every year and the All-Pro list could just be the 53 man roster of the Patriots. Every other team wants to be like the Patriots which is why they snatch up anything that has the Patriots scent on it. This has also expanded into front office as teams are snatching up guys who did nothing with the Patriots to be their GM. Little did they know, this was all part of the plan by the Patriots so those other teams trade their best players back to the Patriots for nothing. Everybody wants to be a Patriot because they know the Patriots run the NFL. It’s good to be the king.


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