Fans stuck in a Miami State of Mind

Fans stuck in a Miami State of Mind
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State of Dolphins Fans

                So last night Miami Dolphins introduced their new GM Dennis Hickey. All the lackluster events leading to this moment has really put a damper on the new hire. It’s hard to not speak with fellow Fins Fans without being negative or just plain down in the dumps.

                Now in a brief background on Hickey, he comes from Tampa Bay where in 18 years has had success and failure. Not too sure what direct influence he had with selecting players in those 18 years but he did oversee scouting talent on the collegiate nfl_a_hickey11_300x200level. His input to a degree swayed where the franchise went on draft selection day. At this time I don’t really care about how those draft picks were used or to debate whether they selected a bust or not. But what I do care about is the NOW. Here we are fans and front office alike waiting to see where this offseason takes the team. The obvious need is work to enhance the offensive line and find 4 other guys to join Pouncey to give our up and coming QB a fair chance, and to establish a solid running game(may need a new running back as well). I have been one of the many feeding the misery and just not seeing the glass half full. So at this time we just have to wait and let the process take its course. Hickey will have his opportunity to put faith back to our beloved franchise and fan base. Come draft day we expect big bodies heading our way. But it’s also how he handles free agency for the team and whether he resigns those who in this last season proved their worth.

                So within days of the Super Bowl, we’re stuck wondering where this team is heading and if the circus truly ended for the Miami Dolphins. Draft needs this year can’t be any clearer than this

·         LT/RT

·         Guards

·         RB

·         ILB

·         QB (competition purposes)

·         Safety

I just hope we can address the need by ending the vacancies with some good quality FA’s to help bridge the gap. With that being said our own FA’s need to be addressed and some of the names are MUST have signed before the FA starts.

·         Grimes

·         Solia

·         Starks

·         Nolan

In short we just need some positive to happen for the Dolphins and get the team back in its glory. We’re pushing 40 years without a title and decades of CRAP football (sorry Sparano Wild Cat had its moments).


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