Final Countdown: J-E-T-S Edition (April 27th or 28th)


Final Countdown: J-E-T-S Edition (April 27th or 28th)
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The draft is literally almost here and we go to the most interesting team in the 1st, who is in the danger zone of the 1st round.

1st) Andrus Peat OL from Stanford

Amari Cooper, Dante Fowler and Jameis Winston are gone and the Jets want nothing to do with Kevin White, Vic Beasley and Marcus Mariota. Instead they go the safe boring pick of Peat. At Stanford, Andrus was on the left side of the line but initially he will be starting RT for the Jets. Solid in pass protection and run blocking, Peat will give the Jets a pretty solid duo of tackles at least for 2015. They can also decide to move on from Ferguson after the year and move Peat to the left side.

2nd) Mario Edwards JR from Greatest College Ever

Jets could use another OLB/DE and Mario is quite a good choice. Originally a 4-3 DE out of high school, Jimbo decided that made too much sense and had him go up from 270 to 310 and be more of a DT where he was not an ideal fit.  The past two years he was used more as a guy who took up blocks as he was routinely double teamed and was not allowed to routinely rush the passer, something he was recruited to do. Now after declaring pro, Mario has dropped down to his ideal weight and looks like the guy he was originally supposed to be. He has some versatility as a player as he can line up as a linebacker, move inside on passing downs or even line up at end. He is pretty solid against the run and has some ability as a pass rusher now that he will be playing his original position. Plus he has some experience in coverage which could make him a three-down linebacker.

3rd) Garrett Grayson QB from Colorado State

New Front Office and Coaching Staff means a new QB might be in the cards. Grayson doesn’t look extremely spectacular at 6’2 220, nor does he have an elite arm. However he has experience in a pro offense and has made NFL reads and has shown the ability to throw with anticipation. His mechanics need a lot of work and might not be ready day one but he can hopefully develop into a solid or above average starter.

4th) Mike Davis RB from South Carolina

The Jets right now have Ridley, Ivory and Powell at RB and none of them scream feature back. Davis is a complete back in that he is very deadly as a pass catcher and also is able to carry a workload.  Davis would form a pretty solid duo with Ivory and with the Jets more than likely going run heavy this year, they could use another solid back.

7th) Ty Montgomery WR from Stanford

2014 was not kind to Montgomery as injuries, poor play and a loss of 2 inches has caused him to drop from a potential day 1 or 2 pick to more likely late in day 3. At 6’0 221, Montgomery does not have the size to be a go get him guy. At Stanford, Ty was deadly in the return game and was used a lot on reverses similar to what Percy Harvin did last year for the Jets. Initially he would provide some use in the return game and be a reserve receiver and if he could ever bring back his 2013 form, could develop into a solid #2 or #3 WR.


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