Fins in Five

Fins in Five
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Five keys from each fins game with a 1 (weak) to 5 (outstanding) rating for each:

1. Tua was on fire in the second half. I really want to give him a 5 but 2 INTs and some missed
throws in the first half, must be considered… lol, just kidding… 5
2. I asked for a season where the O could prop up the D from time-to-time. Thank you! 5
3. I think I mentioned last article that Hill and Waddle present big problems for opposing Ds and I
wanted to see more., that certainly exceeded expectations. 5
4. Kudos to the players of course, but high fives to the coaching staff as well. Some insane half-
time adjustments on both sides of the ball. 5
5. Our OL was impressive… not perfect, but impressive. A. Jackson just lost his starting RT job…
which is a great thing. 4

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