Fins in Five

Fins in Five
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Five keys from each fins game with a 1 (weak) to 5 (outstanding) rating for each:
3-0, including two division wins and a conference win vs a potential playoff team… 5
Josh Allen is an animal… so was our D… 4
Not on the field a lot but I can see our OL is improving. Didn’t hear too much Von Miller during the game. Seriously, Austin Jackson never sees the field again… 4
Overall, our O needed to do more in that game, Tua included. That said, that throw to Waddle was huge/key… 3
This D gives up yards in place of pressure induced TOs. Dropping a pick or two a game is understandable given D players play D for a reason. However, dropping 5-6 INTs almost cost us that game. 3


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