First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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The First Down Morning Links are to the latest news surrounding our AFC East Teams

It is not exactly breaking news at this time that the Miami Dolphins have lost Dustin Keller for this season,  this article by Adam Beasley touches on some of the options that the Dolphins have at this point. Keller made a great catch in the Jags preseason game, week #1,  that made all of the highlight reels, an outstanding falling down catch in the End Zone that helped make the game a success for Tannehill. Keller was a tough loss, but I think they are better off at the position than some would like to think. Clay has been a star of camp and Egnew has shown improvement. In my opinion if they are looking for depth at the TE position they should wait until the final cuts are made.


Another big AFC East injury occurred in week #2 of the preseason to the Buffalo Bills rookie QB EJ Manuel. As of late Sunday night there is still no detailed information as to the “Minor Surgery” that was performed on him. In this article, John Starba, talks about his concerns for the Bills defense.


The big question being asked concerning the New England Patriots after week #2 of the preseason is Who? After watching Sudfeld make a circus catch on a Brady pass in the End Zone, you could hear the fans say Aaron Who, and Amendola looked like he had a point to prove while holding up a sign saying Wes Who? After watching 36 year old Tom Brady throw laser guided precision darts, the rest of the league is asking Tanny Who? This writer has made some bold predictions about the Patriots including a surprise one concerning Tebow.


Even though Geno Smith did not play for the NY Jets on Saturday night, I think his stock went up in the quarterback battle. Mark Sanchez had every opportunity to solidify the position but probably didn’t play well enough to make that happen. In other late breaking news NY Jets DE/LB Quinton Coples is going to have a medical procedure done, and there are questions about the timetable for his return

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