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First Down and a long day ahead

First Down and a long day ahead
S/R Staff
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On a day when the new news will rapidly become old news it doesn’t make much sense to publish just a few links this morning.

Courtesy of Rotoworld here are the starting positions of the AFCE teams as of Monday. The full list of all teams is available on Rotoworld by Clicking this link.

At 10:30 we will post an excellent review of the Patriots Cap situation which while specific to the Patriots details the type of moves that make “available cap space” a constantly moving target.

For the remainder of the day I doubt our writers can compile, edit, and publish material fast enough to keep up with the day’s events.  My advice is to blog away but remember a moments delay before hitting “post comment” could mean you just got scooped.




6. Miami Dolphins
Available Cap Space — $33,948,273

Despite a 2013 free agent spending spree that included overpaying Mike Wallace, Miami is loaded with cap room for the 2014 league year. This permitted new GM Dennis Hickey to lock up cornerback Brent Grimes — ranked 8th on the Rotoworld top 150 free agent list — to a favorably structured contract. The dead money associated with Grimes’ contract decreases from $12,025,000 in 2015 to $3,000,000 in 2016. A similar methodology was used in the negotiations of Wallace last year, whose dead money hit goes from $23,800,000 in 2014 to $6,600,000 in 2015.

Updated at 6:35 pm ET on 3/10/14: Dimitri Patterson‘s release saves the Dolphins $5.3 million against the 2014 cap. The Dolphins, who don’t absorb any dead money with the move, currently have close to $40 million of available cap space.


7. New York Jets
Available Cap Space — $31,775,558

The Jets’ $31,775,558 in cap space is actually misleading. Gang Green, who just cleared $9.5 million off the books with the release of Antonio Cromartie, will clear more than $16 million when they inevitably cut Mark Sanchez andSantonio Holmes. Look for GM John Idzik to make these moves in the coming days. In the meantime, expect the Jets to evaluate the wide receiver market, which is their biggest position of need.

Updated at 3:35 pm ET on 3/10/14: Holmes, officially released today, propels the Jets into the top five of “available cap space.”  They now have $39,185,558 to work with in free agency.


14. Buffalo Bills
Available Cap Space — $22,446,638

Although the Bills cut ties with Ryan Fitzpatrick last March, they designated him as a June 1st cut, meaning he’ll still count for $7 million against Buffalo’s 2014 salary cap. Their $12,070,113 in total 2014 dead money ranks fourth most in the league. Combined with Mario Williams’ $18,800,000 cap hit for 2014, the result is a middle-of-the-pack $22,446,638 of available space. While the Bills still have money to spend, top free agent safety Jairus Byrd will likely get more money elsewhere.


20. New England Patriots
Available Cap Space — $12,199,254

In terms of the cap, things could be worse for Tom BradyBill Belichick & Co. The Patriots saved almost $3 million cap dollars when they released safety Steve Gregory, and their estimated $1,517,170 of cap space that will be required to lock up their rookie class is affordable. With the $10 million salary cap increase, it seems the Patriots have a realistic chance of re-signing either Aqib Talib or Julian Edelman.

Updated at 6:45 pm ET on 3/10/14: I have just received notice that the Patriots will gain around $2.87 million of 2014 cap room resulting from the treatment of Brandon Lloyd‘s option as well as their settlement with Jon Fanene. They now have over $15 million of available cap space.


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