First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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Buffalo Bills’ Jim Hostler: advance game
planner for Nathaniel Hackett

Jim Hostler, the Bills’ new Senior Offensive Assistant, had his role explained by Doug Marrone this week. Essentially, he’s an advance game planner that will aid in player development and film work for play caller Nathaniel Hackett.



Dolphins Philbin Didn’t Know…But He Should Have

Last night, Stephen Ross made a team statement which as you can guess was very PResque.  Ross painted an image of no tolerance and on three occasions mentioned his head coach Joe Philbin as being a no-tolerance type of coach.  That may be true and according to the Wells report, Philbin didn’t have knowledge of the harassment going on or the racial injustices that were being played out in his locker room.


How useful was Lagarrette Blount

Blount ran for a ruthless 772 yards, and even set a team record with four rushing touchdowns in the AFC Divisional playoff game against the Colts. Blount, who has a misleading reputation as a downhill runner, showed that he was more than that, displaying versatility with the ability to cut and break runs on the outside.



NFL Rumors:
New York Jets to pursue signing
Jeremy Maclin, Emmanuel Sanders


If there’s one thing the New York Jets need, it’s receiving targets. As fans and fantasy football players fount out last year, the Jets are a crapshoot when it comes to receiving talents and they seem poised to cut the only recognizable name in the corps.


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