First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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Bills Stadium Committee a Smokescreen?

It’s a stunning disconnect for a team with a lease buyout that plummets in six years from $400 million to $28 million.  After reading a full analysis of the situation from the Buffalo News, we have a theory.  Or a hypothesis.  Or at least a spitball.



Meet the Dolphins new Offensive Line

Away from the field, the Dolphins’ offensive line was apparently a mess last year, with three offensive linemen reportedly bullying a fourth to the point where he felt he needed to leave the team. On the field, the Dolphins’ offensive line may look a whole lot different this season.


Patriots Rookie Review:  Jamie Collins

The guy who was labeled an “athletic freak” by being a top performer in the 40-yard dash, vertical and broad jumps, and three cone drill at last February’s combine finally was putting those assets to work on the field.



What kind of wide receivers does Idzik like?


This may give us a window into the mind of the notoriously tight lipped Idzik.  If this track record is any indication of what the Jets’ GM is generally looking for in a wide receiver, perhaps we can begin to predict guys who are likely or unlikely to attract the Jets’ interest in free agency and in the draft.


Today at 11am ET

Miami Dolphins:    Lessons From the Wells Report


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