First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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QB needy teams should help Bills at 9


The Bills pick barely resides in the top 10, but what will be working in Buffalo’s favor concerning their pick at nine is the fact that there are some quarterback needy teams sitting in front of them at the top of the draft board. Four of the teams in the top five of the draft have been pegged as possible suitors of the top quarterback prospects in the 2014 class, and there’s another right in front of Buffalo at eighth overall.  Buffalo has the potential to get a top five talent in the class with the number 9th selection.





Stephen Ross makes sense in Miami

Stephen Ross says he doesn’t tell his employees what to do. He believes in hiring good people and letting them do their work. And that has generally been true of the Dolphins’ owner. But if Ross sees no need to cross the line from macro managing an organization (which is his role) to micromanaging (which he says he doesn’t do), he has felt comfortable inching close to the line between the two recently.


Belichick’s Search for Rookies

Over the past few seasons, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots staff has done a wonderful job of scouting rookies and signing hardworking players. It is a winning determination that pays off in the NFL, right? It seems that way to Belichick, who so often acquires undrafted rookies out of bypassed schools.




Jets eyeing WRs at Combine


 Teams love to say they will take the “best available player” in the NFL Draft. For the Jets, that will be the “best available playmaker.”  Not surprisingly, the Jets have entered this offseason focused on improving their offense, and that begins with finding upgrades at wide receiver and tight end. The Jets finished 25th in total offense in 2013 and had one of the worst sets of skill players in the NFL.




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