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First Down Morning Links
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Bills 2014 NFL offseason preview


While the jury is still out on Manuel, Thad Lewis proved his worth as a backup/spot starter by making five starts this season, leading the team to a 2-3 record and putting up statistics that were awfully similar to Manuel (in fact, Lewis’ numbers were a little better). Unlike the No. 16 overall pick, though, Lewis was an undrafted free agent who’s on his second team in three years.



Dolphins 2014 offseason preview

The Dolphins must improve their offensive line heading into next season. Already, the three former contributors who probably won’t be back are Martin, Incognito and Clabo. Considering the Dolphins allowed a league-high 58 sacks — eight more sacks than anybody else — there’s much work that needs to be done here.



Patriots 2014 offseason preview


Despite the perception that the Patriots had an unsatisfying season, they still won the AFC East title for the fifth year in a row and made the AFC title game for the third time in three seasons. Despite that success, there should be concern about the future of the organization. Quarterback Tom Brady didn’t play well (by his standards, anyway), and tight end Rob Gronkowski continued to have injury problems.





Jets 2014 offseason preview


First and foremost, the team needs to get Smith (or whomever its quarterback will be) some help at the skill positions. Mostly, the Jets need receivers. It’s hard to imagine Holmes returning to the team, and former second-round pick Stephen Hill has underwhelmed for his career.


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