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First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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Bills struggle to pass on 3rd & short?

The Buffalo Bills ran a pass play on 74 of their 114 third downs with five or fewer yards to go in 2013 (113 when you exclude a spike). Just 30 of those plays were converted into first downs. If you count the two scrambles (which didn’t result in first downs) as rushing plays and count the spike play, the Bills converted 41.1 percent of their third and short passing plays into first downs. Only Pittsburgh was worse in 2013.



Sun Life renovation not on the NFL agenda


The plan isn’t on the agenda for the NFL Annual Meeting, which officially begins here Monday morning. And although there’s a chance it could be discussed in the next three days, early impressions are it’s not a high priority. “That’s up to Steve [Ross], and that will be approved or not approved by the NFL,” Jets owner Woody Johnson said Sunday, when asked about the Dolphins’ latest proposal. “I assume if you want to pay for it yourself, it will be approved.”



Patriots are major factor at NFL Meetings

They will consider 13 playing rules proposals and seven bylaws. They will discuss expanding the playoff field from 12 to 14 teams, although a vote on such a move is uncertain. Perhaps the juiciest suggestions came from the Patriots. They want to move the line of scrimmage to the 25 for extra points, and to allow coaches to challenge any calls except on scoring plays, which are automatically reviewed.




Goodell likes Vick signing in NY


Vick, of course, is also a controversial addition because of his conviction on dogfighting charges that caused him to spend nearly two years in federal prison. Johnson said the Jets investigated Vick’s character thoroughly, to the point the owner spoke with Goodell — who helped guide Vick’s return to the league after his release from prison — and Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie about the former NFL No. 1 overall pick. Both men had nothing but good things to say about Vick, proclaiming him a changed man from his dogfighting days.



TODAY AT 11:00 —  The New Look Bills Defense



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