First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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The Bills have shown their bright spots on the field, but could management be the ones who made the dire mistake?


Here’s a nice piece on the Fins’ WRs and TEs.  Isn’t Charles Clay quite the surprise?  Imagine this team with a viable running game…,0,1607298.story?track=rss


There’s serious concern about the integrity of Gronk’s surgically repaired arm.  Dr. Andrews was brought in to clear up those concerns.  It just sounds better if we say there’s SERIOUS CONCERNS ABOUT THE INTEGRITY OF GRONK’S ARM.


The Jets front seven is All-World, which at times makes us forget they even have a secondary anymore.  So, I guess this isn’t even really news:

Notes to note:

The NY Giants.  Anyone think Coughlin would bench Eli for a while?  He’s not a bad QB, but he’s clearly in a funk.  At 0-6, why not try something else?


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