First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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First Down Links are to some the latest stories about our AFC East Teams


No matter what Tuel you use to measure the Buffalo Bills starting quarterbacks success, the result is the same, not much. The Undrafted Rookie says he has been preparing to be the starter since the day he walked into camp. Watch his latest interview here.


New York Jets Running Back Mike Goodson has been away from camp this season, and now we know why. He has been taking care of some very important Business that only he could take care of. Read his statement here


Have the recent injuries in the AFC East bolstered the chances for the Miami Dolphins to win the division? Joseph Goodman from the Miami Herald weighs in on the subject.


Stories surrounding the New England Patriots include the NFLPA supporting Aaron Hernandez, and whether or not Tebow is playing to keep his job against the Giants this Thursday night. I thought that the possibility of Donte Stallworth returning as a familiar face in the WR corps was the most interesting.


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