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First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
S/R Staff
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Buffalo Bills

After their loss to the Steelers, the Bills are officially out of contention for the Division crown and a lot of work is still left to be done. Still though, the Bills will have a decent team going into the draft with a pick around the 6th spot and a bright future for 2014.

MEILER: Manuel, Bills take giant step back

Miami Dolphins

2 yard on the ground rushing for Miami and 140 yards for the Buccs, “Free Incognito” couldn’t help the Dolphins after the mess they put themselves in last nights game.

Fla.’s real NFL train wreck in Miami

New England Patriots

Out the AFC East, the only team that is controlling their playoff destiny is the same team that everyone had question marks about at the start of the season. Tom Brady and Co. are ready to come off the bye for a Prime Time Monday match against the Carolina Panthers.

In early playoff picture, Patriots are in good shape

New York Jets

The Jets un-circus like season has gotten better after the bye with the return of Holmes and Winslow. All Rex will need is to fix his play clock management and the Jets will continue to surprise everyone with their play.

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