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Older AFCE

First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
S/R Staff
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Buffalo Bills

A poor record still make sit difficult to feel out a game, even if it is the Jets vs the Bills in the big state of New York. After being granted a 24hr extension the Bills brass guarantee a sell out.

Bills guarantee sellout of Jets game

Miami Dolphins

While Richie Incognito files a grievance with the NFL, Martin could be next with a law suit. Doesn’t seem like there will be an end to this mess anytime soon.

Martin could sue Dolphins under employment law

New England Patriots

The Patriots have a tough Monday Night game as they prepare for a better then expected team in the Panthers at least statistically.

Socci’s Patriots Notebook: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Preparing For Well …

New York Jets

Rex and Ed are back together again in New York, lets just hope this doesn’t mean new tattoos with this new signing for the jets.

NY Jets sign Ed Reed, reunite All-Pro safety with Rex Ryan


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