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Folk Tales: The New York Jets

Folk Tales: The New York Jets
S/R Staff
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Who would have thought? After starting the season 3-2 the Jets headed into the toughest stretch of their schedule facing off against the Steelers, Pats, Bengals and Saints. They’d be lucky to win one of those games when you look at it. But Jets came away finishing that stretch 2-2 putting them at 5-4 with a big division win over the Patriots and a rebound against the Saints. The Jets have been nothing short of the most inconsistent team in the league but one thing is for sure, when the D and the run game get going they are a very formidable opponent.

 After getting embarrassed by the Bengals this game had the feel of part 2 all over after the end of the first quarter.  On offense nothing was working. Geno had 1 pass yard heading into the second quarter and the run game couldn’t get much room either. Pinned against our own endzone Geno handed off to Ivory and BAM! A 55 yard run! This lifeless offense got a jolt from Ivory. After that play, to me, the game felt like it flipped. All of a sudden the Jets were much in control.


Sudfeld and GenoAfter that run it felt like the Jets were able to do whatever they wanted on the ground. Weather inside handoffs, delays or stretch runs Ivory was picking up chunks. If you didn’t see the game this may help you understand what I mean. Ivory rushed 18 times for 139 yards and a TD. When the offense got into 3rd and long situations and had to lean on Geno to move the chains more rag tag receivers came through. Sudfield and Salas with monstrous 3rd down conversions that amassed over 80 yards on both combined 3rd downs.


The D really looked dominant. Although early in the game they weren’t getting sacks Brees was running all over the pocket trying to buy time with his legs which at times worked out for them. Although Graham had 2 TDs it felt similar to how Tony G had his monster game against us. A lot of dink and dunk passes for around 10 yards but not many big plays.


The 2 Jets that I was excited to see show up where Dee Milliner and Quinton Coples. Although Milliner got beat badly on a double move where he seemed to stumble all was forgiven when Meachem couldn’t wheel in the easy 40+ yard guaranteed TD. Here we go again I personally thought. How many chances is this kid going to get before he is benched for good. But to my surprise Dee came to play. Mumbles held his own for the rest of the game making a few crucial pass break ups, almost having an interception, and tipping the ball to cro on a beautiful tip drill int that was called back due to a penalty not related to the play. The kid looked confident and he trusted his instincts. He broke on plays and you were able to see for the first time all season why he was a 1st round pick. The talent and size are there but the confidence and coaching is on Rex and Dee himself. Hopefully it pans out but let us remember, this was his first good game of the season.


Q!!!! Quinton has been silent all season for the most part but today he showed up. A timely sack, a beautiful read and tackle on a reverse on 4th and 1 to force a turnover on downs and numerous other plays. It was the first game all season I saw him truly making an impact out there consistently.


The Jets D truly clicked everywhere. The secondary came away with 2 ints and the front had a few sacks and a TON of harassment. I would like to single out a few certain guys who played great but saying the Front 4 will save a lot of time. They all played fantastic.


The obvious MVP of the game outside of Ivory was Nick Folk. So far this year the Jets haveFolk leaned heavily on his leg and he has come through in a big way. Folk is perfect on the year. On Sunday he tagged on a 45, 47, 39 and 27 yard makes.


This game after the first quarter had the feel of a dominant performance by the Jets. Unfortunately, because our o relies on the running game and not the passing game the final score did not reflect that. With a 26-20 win over the Saints the Jets pulled off the biggest upset of the weekend.  Although, they have played wildly inconsistent over their first 9 games they are heading into the bye 5-4 and have 2 wins over top teams in the league. When the Jets play well, which may only be on odd weeks, they can compete with anyone.


The schedule gets a lot easier in comparison for the rest of the year. The jets will find themselves playing teams that are of the same caliber from here on out. It’s not time to start thinking playoffs or wild card just yet, but if they string together their first 2 game win streak after the bye, don’t be surprised if the media starts throwing the idea around.


My last and final thought. With big wins over the Pats and Saints and starting the season 5-4 heading into the bye with a rookie qb and a gutted defense, has Rex saved his job? I think it’s too soon to tell but I wouldn’t be surprised if he sticks around if he gets to 8-8 or better.

Sidenotes – Kerley injury is likely season-ending. And for this specific article I didn’t talk purely about the game but instead just certain players that typically don’t get love. “You don’ like you don’ buy”. 2 for 2 on predictions this weekend…TY Hilton would tear it up in Waynes absence and Saints game would be close.

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