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Fourth & One

Fourth & One
Luciano 11
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Mini Camps & little else edition

Very little news, unless you’re excited to hear your QB looks amazing with a red shirt on and nobody is wearing pads. Camps have all ended, and our teams are in a dogfight, as they are still 0-0

Buffalo Bills

No surprise here, the biggest news coming out of Buffalo is what ever Rex decided to say that day. The Bills are signing QBs as if they are collecting baseball cards. Cassel and Manuel have shared the load with the starters. Taylor has been promised a shot at the starting position, and Simms wanted out of NY because he wants to play more. Looks as if the Bills will enter camp without a starting QB, a backup and a third stringer. All those things are to be decided. All makes for a mess, especially when a new offensive system is being installed. Something has to give, and in the end I think Cassel is cut, with Manuel and Taylor both starting during the year.

Miami Dolphins

Dolphins fans were in typical parade preparation mode, as news out of Florida was that Ryan Tannehill looked sharp and ready to play. Ryan should continue his growth, but his ability to hit anyone long will remain a mystery until we see it in a real game. Tannehill has taken more beatings than any QB in the NFL, and the OL has remained intact; hopefully the kid has learned new escape routes.

New England Patriots

Jimmy Garoppolo looked real good, but then again, he was facing a defense that is a long way from that of a year ago, and the worst in the division. Everyone was healthy, and WR group appeared to be ready. Then newcomer Chandler got injured, after Tim Wright was cut. Chandler had some good moments with Brady, so the reports say. Not sure what kind of moments, but I hope it was all football related.

New York Jets

The anticipation created by the NY Media finally ended, Mo Wilkerson did show up to camp. Mo was his usual level headed self, and apparently spend time coaching the newest member of The Sons of Anarchy, Leonard Williams. Geno was great, he sucked, he looked good, back to sucking, finishing good. Yep, Geno is still Geno. Fitz appears to have healed faster than anticipated, and he is ready to give it a fight. Petty will be carrying a clipboard and asking questions, as he learns life in the NFL. There was some loud mouth activity involving Cro and Colon, however new HC Todd Bowles basically told them all to think before they speak….grow up.


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