Fourth & One: Camps Edition

Luciano 11

Fourth & One: Camps Edition
Luciano 11
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Summer is here in full swing, that usually means one thing, NFL season is just around the corner, and NFL camps are about to open. Our four teams all have different expectations, with some dreaming bigger than others. Camps are when the basis of what is to come is etched and burned on to the teams.

In other news, the Bills coaching staff decided that things were kind of dull. Rex Ryan promised to “build a bully” when he signed on with the Buffalo Bills in January, and Aaron Kromer, the offensive line coach, has decided to show how its done. I think having worked on the Saints coaching staff has taught him how to not let anyone sit in your seat.

However, this will have zero effect on the team; I would be more concerned that the man that is supposed to keep Rich Incognito in  line, is a bigger bully than Rich himself.

Buffalo Bills

Camp Location: St. John Fisher College; Rochester, N.Y.

Camp opens: Rookies and veterans, July 30

Joint practice: vs. Browns, Aug. 17-18 at St. John Fisher College

Bills have to find a starter at QB and a rotation at OL.

Fri, Aug 14 vs Carolina 7:00 PM

Thu, Aug 20 @ Cleveland 8:00 PM

Sat, Aug 29 vs Pittsburgh 4:00 PM

Thu, Sep 3 @ Detroit 7:30 PM


Miami Dolphins

Camp Location: Doctors Hospital Training Facility in Davie, Fla.

Camp opens: Rookies and veterans, July 29

Joint practice: vs. Panthers, Aug. 19-20 at Wofford College

Dolphins need to find out if LBs are set and OL must be settled.

Thu, Aug 13 @ Chicago 8:00 PM

Sat, Aug 22 @ Carolina 7:00 PM

Sat, Aug 29 vs Atlanta 7:00 PM

Thu, Sep 3 vs Tampa Bay 7:00 PM


New England Patriots

Camp Location: Gillette Stadium; Foxborough, Mass.

Camp opens: Rookies, July 23; veterans, July 29

Joint practice: vs. Saints, Aug. 19-20 at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, W.V.

Will Tom be available game 1? How much of his time does he “allow” Jimmy G. to have?

Thu, Aug 13 vs Green Bay 7:30 PM

Sat, Aug 22 @ New Orleans 7:30 PM

Fri, Aug 28 @ Carolina

7:30 PM

Thu, Sep 3 vs NY Giants 7:30 PM


New York Jets

Camp Location: Atlantic Health Training Center; Florham Park, N.J.

Camp opens: Rookies and veterans, July 29

Jets used to train with Eagles, but stopped giving away their secrets when Rex arrived.

Thu, Aug 13 @ Detroit 7:30 PM

Fri, Aug 21 vs Atlanta 7:30 PM

Sat, Aug 29 @ NY Giants 7:00 PM

Thu, Sep 3 vs Philadelphia 7:00 PM


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May all teams be injury free, enjoy the summer!


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