A Full Cup of Joe

A Full Cup of Joe
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A Diehard Homers View of Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin

Miami Dolphins Head Coach, Joe Philbin, was born in Springfield Massachusetts, please keep an open mind and do not judge him negatively based on this misfortune, he has since wised up and moved to the Sunshine State.

Philbin, affectionately known as “Stoic Joe” served as Offensive Coordinator of the Allegheny College Football team including their only National Championship in school history, Division III, in 1990 with a record of 13-0-1. Philbin was offered a Head Coach position at Iowa but turned it down. In 2003 Philbin joined the Green Bay Packers coaching staff and served as the teams Offensive Coordinator from 2007-2011. The Packers offense ranked  Top Ten in points scored, and total points, every year that Philbin served as Offensive Coordinator, including a Super Bowl Championship win over the Steelers.

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After a 6-10 season the Miami Dolphins hired Joe Philbin as their new Head Coach. His first three seasons came with challenges, Philbin was expected to win immediately with a rookie quarterback who had a grand total of 19 college starts. Tannehills 12 TD/ 13 Interception season would have tested the patience of any Head Coach. Then came Bullygate which saw the team lose two starting Offensive lineman and the O Line coach along with others, these casualties were brought on by a Wells Report, which was accepted enthusiastically by the the division opponents. Injuries last season compounded the Offensive line issues. At this point I believe that the O line is in much better shape for the 2015 season. Tannehill looks to have greatly improved on his decision making, and release times.

Philbins first three seasons resulted in a lackluster 23-25 record, causing the impatient Fan Base to call for his head. Since winning Super Bowls is the Ultimate goal of any NFL team, I looked back at the first three seasons of the last two winning Super Bowl Head Coaches, Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick. To my surprise both of these heroes had the same record of 20-28 in their first three seasons, compared to Philbins 23-25, based on this, Joe’s off to a better start than either of them, hah.

Now some good news, anyone with any brain activity at all can see that the 2015 Miami Dolphins are poised to make a strong run at the playoffs. Much of the enthusiasm stems from the constant improvement in Tannehills skills.Bill Lazor and Ryan Tannehill  Credit Philbin for bringing in Bill Lazor to help with the hard working youngster. Lazor was primarily a Quarterback Coach working under excellent Head Coaches, Joe Gibbs, Mike Holmgren, Jim Mora, and Chip Kelly. Philbin gave Lazor his first crack at being an Offensive Coordinator in the NFL, with his primary focus on developing a young QB, smart move by Joe. Now in his second year, Lazors offense is now easier for the players and the expectations are high. Philbin has obviously become more comfortable in his role as Head Coach and the continuity is starting to show.

Call him Plastic Joe, boring, or whatever you like, Philbin should be credited with facilitating the growth of Tannehill, bringing in a knowledgeable Quarterback Coach/Offensive Coordinator, and helping bring hope to Diehard Dolphin fans everywhere. Philbin and GM Dennis Hickey have worked hard to put together the pieces to make a good run this season, the potential to get better over the next several seasons is real. If the Dolphins do not improve above .500 this year, it will not be Philbins fault, last time I checked, the game is still played by the guys with helmets. On the verge of returning to competitive ball, the last thing this team needs another Head Coach change, which would stall the positive momentum gains. For those of you who actually read this piece, you just drank a Full Cup of Joe.cup of Joe


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