Game Rewind: Week 4 – Jets @ Dolphins

Luciano 11

Game Rewind: Week 4 – Jets @ Dolphins
Luciano 11
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Over the next few weeks, we will revisit all divisional games, in the order that they were played.

Can you imagine Dan Marino and Ken O’Brien battling it out, as often as they did, in London? That was the case for Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill in week 4.


The Jets enter the game with a 2-1 record, after a demoralizing loss to Chip and the Eagles, at Met Life; having previously beaten the Browns at home and the Colts in Indy.


The Dolphins on a decline, after barely beating the Redskins in week one, they have now lost two consecutive games against the Jags, away, and a total disaster at home in the hands of the Bills.


Joe Philbin appears to have lost control and direction, as both teams look to rebound in front of 90,000 screaming soccer fans that know as much about football as they do grits.


This game was not as close as the score tells us, 27-14 Jets. From the start the Jets offense dominated the uninspired Dolphins defense. The Suh experiment is failing miserably, as the supposedly 100M run stopper is as porous as Swiss cheese. Chris Ivory ran to the tune of 166 yards and 1 TD. Even Fitzy had some fun running with 34 yards. A total of 207 yards on the ground, leaving you wondering, what the hell made them think that Suh was the answer to all their problems on defense?


Brandon Marshall, the same Marshall that was much maligned by Dolphins fans at TSR, he ripped their hearts out by toying with little Grimes all game long, at the tune of 128 yards with a huge 18.8 YPR.


Mohammed Wilkerson crushed Tannehill regularly and twice was given credit with a sack. Another sack of the clueless QB was credited to David Harris.

The Dolphins continue their early season of stat stuffing in meaningless time, as Tannehill records another Rating in the 50s. Two TDs during catch up time were cancelled out by 2 INTs. The sick stat is that he threw over 40 times, again. Tannehill looked lost and confused for much of the game, not sure he and the savior OC were even on the same page.


Along with the 198 yards of garbage time passing, the run game was even worst, recording a mere 59 yards.

In the coming weeks, the two teams totally moved on to different directions; the Jets continued to improve, while the Dolphins continued to drown. Joe Philbin will continue a tradition, losing in London gets you fired.

Biggest losers:


  1. The fans, first and foremost, the fans, for buying into something that has not existed. For thinking they would start 6-0 and challenge the Patriots for the division, when everyone else could see that you cannot build a team with patches. Many, even here were so broken from their own imagination, that either quit coming or suddenly found themselves traveling a lot. One hopes that these four weeks have taught them a valuable lesson: do not build floats for parades unless you first find out what a winning record is.
  2. Joe Philbin for getting canned as a result of losing this game, although I must say, that was a dumb move. In week 4, you don’t suddenly change HC and become a playoff contender. Joe should have been fired before the season, this team has never shown signs of improvement during his tenure.
    Lazor the Savior, came to Miami with knowledge of the Chip system, even got him a promotion within a year. His offense was horrible during the first four weeks. The QB is indecisive and the run game is non existent.
  3. Ryan Tannehill for continuing to try to make something happen and not realizing that there are big bodies all around you, waiting to pummel you. By now the young man, should be able to see 360 degrees around him, or at least feel it.

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