Game Rewind: Week 8 – Dolphins @ Patriots

Luciano 11

Game Rewind: Week 8 – Dolphins @ Patriots
Luciano 11
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Over the next few weeks, we will revisit all divisional games, in the order that they were played. We have now reached the halfway point in the 2015 season, and these divisional games become much more interesting.


The Dolphins had a much needed bye week after the London Massacre, during which Joe Philbin was not saved. The team promoted TE coach, Dan Campbell. Dan quickly tried to change the culture by running HS type drills. His rah rah style differed immensely from that of a statuesque figure. With wins @ Tennessee and the destruction of the Texans at home, the fanbase once again came back to life. Dan was the savior, the man should be signed long term. With a record of 2-0, clearly all of Miami’s problems washed into the sea with Joe.


The Patriots in the meantime were not exactly scared of the 3-4 record Dan marched into Foxboro with. Belichick’s team was on a mission, as Tom Brady was ready to punish everyone, after the ordeal the NFL put him through. They enter this game at 7-0.


Different HC, different offensive philosophy, same dumb decisions doomed the Dolphins, 36-7. Tannehill once again enjoys what has become a ritual, throwing way too much. All that does is fuel fans into false beliefs that his numbers at the end of the season look good. 28 of 44 for 300 yards, zero TDs, 2 INTs and 1 fumble.


Lamar Miller and the running attack ran for a whopping 15 yards. The revamped expensive defense failed again, sacking Brady twice, but never really taking him off his game.


Tom Brady torched the secondary 26 of 38 for 356 yards (these numbers actually mattered) and 4 TDs. The defense led by Chandler Jones’ 2 sacks, ended up pinning Tannehill to the ground 5 times, and hitting him 10 more.


The game was like watching an HS team from Miami playing against the Patriots, who really took this day as a scrimmage to get ready for the next eight games. Dan Campbell was not the saint the fanbase expected him to be, and all of what hailed Joe Philbin, was still very much present. There are those times when the HC is not the only culprit, and this is clearly one of those times. The road for the Dolphins will be a tough one.


Biggest losers:

  1. Once again the fans for letting two victories against a bad team and one that was struggling at the time, influence you into thinking the season was saved. The fans for calling for Joe’s head after 4 games and thinking that an inexperienced HS level coach could turn things around.
  2. The entire Miami defense (except Olivier Vernon), they have played uninspired and at times look like they want the season to end now! A bunch rich spoiled selfish individuals who are not playing with pride.
  3. Dan Campbell for continuing to act like he’s on the sidelines of a peewee game. He needs to learn the etiquette of the NFL and be more professional. His practices have become a joke nationwide, at some point he needs to learn how to make millionaires accountable.
  4. #StrongerTogether, the stupid slogan doesn’t really describe the team. Should be more like #WeAreExpensiveLosers. Better yet, stop the dumb slogans until the team has earned it.




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