Good Morning, AFC North!

Good Morning, AFC North!
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Louis Murphy visited Bengals

Murphy is a former Raiders fourth-round draft pick who played last season for the New York Giants and also has a previous stint with the Carolina Panthers. Murphy caught six passes for 37 yards and one touchdown last season. For his career, Murphy has 121 catches for 1,744 yards and eight touchdowns.

The Bengals already have a bevy of talent at wide receiver, but it can’t hurt to look at other options. Murphy isn’t likely to land with the Bengals.





T.J. Ward: ‘Cleveland offered me nothing’

“Quotes get misunderstood all the time,” Ward tweeted in reference to a Sirius XM NFL Radio interview he did Thursday. “Just FYI. Cleveland offered me nothing. Boom! There u have it.#GoBroncos.”

Ward never got the opportunity to meet with new coach Mike Pettine and state his case. “The guys that they brought in, the coaches, that whole new genre, they didn’t bring me in,” Ward told Sirius XM. “I was surprised, but that the same time, I wasn’t.

The Browns, meanwhile, signed ninth-year safety and two-time Pro Bowler Donte Whitner to a four-year deal worth $28 million.

With such a large contract given to Whitner, who is a similar player to Ward, you wonder what went on behind closed doors.





Predicting What Steve Smith Will Bring to the Baltimore Ravens

(Thankfully, not a slideshow) [Smith is a] very physical receiver with a knack for out-muscling defenders and hanging on to make contested catches look routine. The former Panther no longer boasts the top-end speed he possessed in his heyday, but his game has aged well thanks to his excellent hands and refined route running.

“I don’t see myself in Coach Kubiak’s system like Andre Johnson. I see [myself as] the complementary dude of Kevin Walter. I see how he contributed and how he was instrumental in [not only] getting Andre the ball but also getting his own opportunities.”

Smith’s sure hands should go a long way in rebuilding the poor set of wide receivers the Ravens showcased last season.





Notre Dame TE Troy Nicklas should be on Steelers draft radar

Standing a shade over 6-foot-6 and weighing 270 pounds at 21 years of age, he could have been an offensive tackle. He started his career at Notre Dame at outside linebacker. It seems like he could have gone in either direction but in the end, his coaches split the difference and put him at tight end.

He is still likely to fall under the “project” label but what a perfect time for the Steelers to grab a project tight end. They just re-signed Heath Miller to a three-year deal and still haveMatt Spaeth for another season. They also have basically nothing for third tight ends.

The Steelers would be wise to draft Nicklas in the first round to help rebuild their depleted receiving core.



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