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Good Morning! AFCE 11/26/14 Links

Good Morning! AFCE 11/26/14 Links
Luciano 11
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Every day starting 5am: Morning Links

Wednesday  @ 10am: Rankings

Wednesday @ 2pm: Slick’s Overreactions by SlickVinny

Thursday: Morning Links Only, Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday  @ 11am: NFL 32 Thoughts about Week 12 by cknuckles60191
Friday @ 2pm: The anomaly of statistics  by Bpardo95
Saturday: Week in Review
Sunday: Who should you root for today?
Monday @ 11am: Double Coverage Dolphins @ Jets by Raat & Luciano11 
Tuesday @ 11am: Road to the Playoffs by Luciano11

Form Sideline Reporter to you and yours,  enjoy a great Thanksgiving! Be safe!



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