Grading the NFL Draft: AFC East

Grading the NFL Draft: AFC East
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Grading the NFL Draft


Buffalo Bills

1st round-B+: They traded up to get the best player in the draft not named Clowney in Sammy Watkins. The price for the trade was steep, but it was either the 2015 1st or the 2nd and 3rd round picks this year. Since the Bills front office is in a win-now mode, they needed all the starters they can get in this draft, which is why they decided to trade away next year’s 1st.  This would have gotten an A grade, but since Sammy went to Choke U, it falls to a B+.

Overall-B: The Bills got some solid players that will be big contributors in 2014 and beyond. They got a RT who shows no mercy, they got a intriguing guard prospect who can potentially start right away, a DB who will be used a lot in nickel and dime packages, and some high upside guys in the 7th. The only bad part was their 3rd pound pick was used on an ILB in Preston Brown, even though the DE position needs another player. Because of that, this A draft falls to a B.

New York Jets

1st Round-A: Some wanted the Jets to get the short slot WR Brandin Cooks, but the Jets went the Rex way of getting a DB in Calvin Pryor. Pryor is the best safety in this class and not only can he drop back in coverage, he can also be a run-stuffing hard hitter. With Cromartie gone, the Jets needed to help that secondary, and while the offense needed help, Cooks was not going to help the team as much as Pryor will.

Overall-B: While they didn’t get a #1 WR, they did get a serviceable Joker TE in Jace Amaro. They also got some defensive depth, which Rex loves, and got a couple of WRs who can be role players. It was not a sexy draft, but it was a good one as they got a lot of talent. It would be an A, but they didn’t really upgrade the offense, which was what really needed talent.

Miami Dolphins

1st Round-A:  The #1 goal of this offseason was to find protection for promising QB Ryan Tannehill, who got sacked way too much last year. They used their 1st round pick on Ju’Wan James, who figures to be either a RT or LG. While James was a slight reach, he fit a need, and with the team needing to protect their franchise QB, it was worth it.

Overall- B-:  While the 1st pick was good, the rest of the draft was not. They used their 2nd round pick on Jarvis Landry, and while he may be a good WR, they already have a decent slot WR in Brandon Gibson. They also drafted another slot WR in Matt Hazel and a blocking TE in Arthur Lynch. Considering the talent they already have at those two positions and the lack of talent at other positions, those picks could have been spent elsewhere.

New England Patriots

1st round- F: They drafted a Gator (Dominique Easley); automatic failure.

Overall-B: The first two picks in the draft were head-scratchers as they also drafted a QB in Jimmy Garr. However, they aced the third day by getting a good OC in Bryan Stork who is not only a good center, but a better play-caller than Josh McDaniels.  They got a good RB in James White and a good OT in Cameron Fleming who is wicked smaht. However, they drafted another Gator but I’ll pretend that pick never happened. To wrap it up, they got a small school stud in Zach Moore and a slot/return guy in Gallon.  Overall, they upgraded the trenches, which means Peyton Manning will be whining for another rule change.


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