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Happy Friday to all the AFCe News Faithful

Happy Friday to all the AFCe News Faithful
S/R Staff
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Well guys, this weekend will mark 4 months since we left ESPN and our favorite “copy and paste” guru, James Walker. Since then we have grown, learned and become a pretty nice community if i do say so myself. Every day i try to come up with new and interesting things for all of us to to enjoy as the NFL season progresses and you guys are always around to help make the site better each and every day – For that i want to thank you all and i want you to know that i truly appreciate it. I don’t think there is another blog out there that has as many contributors as we do or even as good when it comes to writing.

The good news is that all our efforts are beginning to pay off and our traffic just keeps on steadily increasing and all of you that write are getting your views heard and even linked to on other sites. Just yesterday on a random search for NFL quotes we where found on the 1st page of google and that means a lot and it is a testament to what we are trying to achieve here.

When we first started 4 months ago our unique visits where 795 and our total number of visits were 1005. In october we reached 4500 unique visits and this month with only half way through it we reached a milestone of 5600 uniques and 11,000 total visits, a total of over 3.7 million hits over 4 months and 680K pages viewed. All of this was possible in large part to your support and the hard work of Robert, Ray, WOM (Steven) and Buffalo.

With this success comes some decisions that need to be made and as you guys might of noticed the web site has been running a bit slow lately. This is mainly due to the fact that we have reached our bandwidth limit with our current server and an upgrade is required. I am not the one to constantly ask for donations or people to contribute but as the season begins to wind down into the playoffs and we continue to get ranked we will just continue to get busier and busier and that will just wreck havoc on our current plan. So with that i will ask if anyone feels charitable for what ever amount it would be very appreciated and it will get us on the way to better user experience for you all and the new visitors we keep gathering (PayPal Button is on the side). The total for a year of our own server will come to $1,440.00, something that i will do regardless but anything helps.

Again, thank you all for your loyalty and patience as we grow and make the AFC East blog one of the best ones out there.


Sergio Peralta and the Team



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