Honoring the Cheaters

Honoring the Cheaters

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NFL – Honoring the Cheaters

With the excitement of the Snooze Cup over the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend, we had little chance to discuss the four-game PED suspension of Dolphins’ special teams ace Dion Jordan. It’s possible that some of our blog family might needlessly jump to the conclusion that Mr. Jordan’s newly found 17 pounds of muscle might be the result of PED use and not hard work in the gym.

The die-hards (aka: The Lube Crew) will absolutely deny that their bench warming specialist would EVER use PEDs to live up to that lofty #3 overall draft position. In any case, I thought it would be fun to rummage through the archives and assemble: THE ALL AFC EAST PED TEAM* *- Okay…Truth be told: It wouldn’t be much of an “All AFC EAST PED TEAM” because of a lack of players that have been suspended while actually playing within in the division. Additionally, the league only started suspending players around 1989 for substance abuse, so there really is a really small sample compared to how long the league has been in existence.

So some liberties have been taken:

1) Included are some of the players that were suspended with another team but played, at some time or another, in the AFC East.

2) For any remaining gaps, I used AFC North players because of our close blogging relationship with that fan base. (No, I did NOT use the entire 70’s Steel Curtain roster for the PED Defense.)

So without any further ado, I present:



QB: Jim Miller – (Bears – Played for New England):

RBs: Sammy Morris (Dolphins – Played for the Patriots), Brandon Bolden (Patriots), Mike Goodson (Jets), Jesse Chatman (Jets), Vince Amoia (Jets)

FB: Sean Doctor (Bills)

WR: David Boston (Dolphins), Santonio Homes (Jets), Bobby Riley (Jets), Josh Gordon (Browns), David Reed (Baltimore)

TE: Kellen Winslow Jr (Jets), Shawn Nelson (Bills)

O/L: Eric Moore (Giants – Played for Dolphins), John Welbourn (KC – Played for Patriots), Louis Cheek (Cowboys – Played for Dolphins), Allen Barbre (Seahawks – Played for Dolphins), Paul Wiggins (Steelers)

D/L: Dion Jordan (Dolphins), Jermaine Cunningham (Patriots), Jason Ferguson (Jets), Will Smith (Saints – On Patriots roster), Marcus Stroud (Jaguars – Played for Bills)

LB: Matt Jaworski (Bills), Tom Doctor (Bills), Shawn Merriman (Chargers – Played for Bills)

SS/FS: Rodney Harrison (Patriots), Tom Zbikowski (Currently FA – Played for Ravens)

CB: Aqib Talib (Bucs – Played for Patriots), Brandon Browner (Seahawks – Currently on Patriots roster), Shawn Springs (Seahawks – Played for Patriots), Asa Jackson (Ravens), Cary Williams (Ravens)

P: Todd Sauerbrun (Broncos – Played for Patriots)

K: Since the league started banning players for substance abuse in 1989, Not a single kicker has been suspended.


Other Fun Facts: – Since the league started suspending players for substance abuse in 1989, the Jets have had the most suspensions within the division with seven, followed by the Bills with four, and then the Dolphins and Patriots with three each (with Dion Jordan being the 3rd suspension for the Dolphins, they have finally caught the Patriots in some category).  The Seahawks and the Redskins are tied with the most suspensions since 1989 with eleven. Philly, Chicago, Minnesota, the Jets, and the Giants all tie for second with seven suspensions each.  Dallas and Cincinnati each have only one substance abuse suspension since 1989.  The player position that has the most offenders: Defensive Backs (CB, S, FS) with 32 suspensions.  The player position that has the least amount of offenders: kickers with zero…followed by punters and QBs with two apiece. The full list of NFL Players Suspended by the NFL was found at: Please blame them for any errors!


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