Houston we have a problem

Houston we have a problem
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Last week, when I titled this article, I knew that regardless of outcome to the game, it would fit what ever sick idea/opinion I would unleash at you guys. My pick was 33-30 Pats, I was very close, let me stick to original intent.
“Houston we have a problem”, Apollo 13’s Swigert said these words in 1970, he must have been able to see the future from way up above. Yesterday, all 31 NFL fanbases of teams not called Patriots were screaming those words very loud. The Patriots have dominated the century, and may continue to do so, even if Brady is 60.
The Patriots, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, just proved to all that they are the best “Trio” ever!
As opponents we have tried convincing ourselves that it was not real by calling them everything, from cheaters to luckiest. Tom is getting old and ready for retirement, blah blah.Reality is, this group has no peers in the history of the game! Most teams would have collapsed down 21-0, because no other team has ever had as big a comeback, the Patriots do Patriots things.
Allow me to back up a minute. I had this article written in my head by the end of the first half. There was the OL sucks, has sucked storyline. The patriots lost in the AFCCG last year because this OL was pitiful. Again yesterday they couldn’t block anyone from hitting Tom. The game plan was idiotic at best, McDaniels must have been smoking crack when he put it together. The OL couldn’t block, so why not keep running Blount and get into those third and long that could shorten Tom’s life?
I was simply dumbfounded watching run after run go nowhere, and Tom having to get rid of the ball immediately, and still get hit. I kept thinking, in a game like this, you must utilize your fast RBs on short routes. To this point, Lewis and White had been barely used. I thought I was watching a Rex Ryan masterful offensive game plan.
Although the onside kick with 2 minutes to go in the third quarter was a dumb call, we all learned why Belichick is Belichick. He must have walked down to McDaniels and said: “WTF are you doing? Start using our speed, or I’ll send you to San Francisco as their ball boy”. They did, and the Patriots turned a loss into a historical comeback, one that we will never forget.
I have been around far too long, and have seen too many Super Bowls, but this was one of the best. This was by far the most rewarding win by this Trio, and well deserved.
The  Patriots have a lot of free agents and issues to fix, especially the OL, or Tom will not reach 40, but that is for another day. Today we must bow to this Trio, in awe!e game:
As fan and lover of the game: CONGRATS!!!!
As an opposing fan: DAMN YOU!

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