How The West Was Won: Week 13


Raiders. Just Win Baby. Raider Nation.

How The West Was Won: Week 13
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The football Gods really wanted Thursday night’s match up to break all the records. Let’s dive in.


Buccaneers at Chargers: Welp. There goes the flat line. I’m calling it. Official time of death: 16:30 Sunday December 4th 2016. With that loss the Chargers are done. And thus I no longer have to talk about them (as they will not win the West). Begin the speculation that they’re going to move to LA so that the city of Angels can officially have two garbage teams. It’s looking more and more like Rodger Goodell and the NFL will echo the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, “Go f**k yourself San Diego”.


Broncos at Jaguars: The Broncos?! Beat the Jags?! No way. Seriously?!?! Shocker. Fingers crossed the Titans will put up a struggle against this team. The Jags have been the let down of 2016. After the Titans the Broncos have the Pats, Chiefs and Raiders. All they have to do is beat the Titans and they’ll be in the driver’s seat to secure a wild card spot (they could go 1-3 and likely limp into the wildcard).


Bills at Raiders: Ooooh. My chest. I do not need this kind of stress in my life. After jumping out to a big lead last week only to have to come back due to and injury to Carr, this weeek the Raiders decided to go down before they win. At the half the Raiders were down 10-9. An announcer commented “the Raiders who average 27 points a game only have 9 here in the first half.”. Then coming out of the half they give up two quick scores (including a 54 yard run by Shady followed up by a short jog into the end zone by Tyrod Taylor). Now it’s 24-9. I knew this was a trap game. I said it last week. We got caught looking ahead to this week’s matchup against the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Next thing you know the Raiders drive down and Crab catches one in the back of the end zone. Then the Tay-Train plows one into the end zone. Then Coop with the okey doke and that magic and he’s in the end zone. Mack, trying to get a strip sack fumble recovery in consecutive games, tips it up and Nate Allen (in for the injured Karl Joseph) intercepts the ball. Next thing you know The Tay-Train is back in the station for his second end zone trip of the day. Mack, still upset he missed on that first opportunity for a strip sack, finally gets to Taylor for a strip sack and the recovery to end the game. And that’s how you get 29 unanswered points. They average 27 a game huh? Here’s your 27+2 Mr. Announcer. Run tell dat!


Chiefs at Falcons: If you don’t believe in God, or a higher power, or even the football gods, then go spend the $80 bucks on NFL Game Rewind and watch that Chiefs Falcons game. Because this game should have gone down to the last minute. Remember they played in Atlanta, where Eric Berry is from, and where he received cancer treatment. So what are the odds that, in a season where the AFC west has 3 teams with 8 wins (keep in mind that the Pats are the only other team with 8 or more wins in the AFC) and the week before they face one of their biggest rivals in a battle for first place in the AFC West, they would play IN Atlanta (which the Chiefs do only once every 8 years!)?! Seriously. What are the odds??? Ok, he got the interception. There you go. That’s your stat for the game. The Falcons come down with just over four minutes left in the game and the take a one point lead. Then, the football Gods intervene and not only does he get the pick on the two point conversion (which would allow the Chiefs to kick a field goal to win the game) but also runs it back, for a two point swing to win the game. Are you kidding me?!?! This is the second time this season an AFC west team has had a 2 point conversion to win the game and stay in playoff contention (remember the Broncos blocked kick???). No one is talking about it, but the AFC West is running on magic this season. The Raiders, Chiefs and Broncos are all running on some special kind of magic that has propelled them to these wins. With all three teams looking like they’ll end up in the playoffs, it doesn’t seem like the magic will end anytime soon….




Raiders. Just Win Baby. Raider Nation.

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