In Memory of Nikvoodoo

In Memory of Nikvoodoo
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 A dedication to one of the best


You were one of the good ones here.  I could always count on you to come to the table with some rational thoughts and words based in experience, not just what you heard about topic at hand.  I will rock this Bills avatar in your memory for the rest of the 2017 regular season.

Until we meet again my friend.




Nik, I remember our deep convos at ESPN, not much changed once we relocated to TSR. I will always remember our battles in fantasy, an area, few matched your strategies. One of our last conversations off the site is what I will never forget. After I sent you a copy of my Yoga workout, you were so enthusiastic to get in shape…..but this illness delayed your desire….this sucks on so many levels!

I know you were a big Yankee fan, kind of hope your last day with us and family, the Yanks winning was a parting gift to a great young man. I feel for your wife and kids, because knowing how level headed you have been online, you must have been a great role model too……will miss you man!




One of the first things I remember Nik saying to me back in the ESPN days was something to the effect of “I wish I could reach through my monitor and punch you in the face”.  Of course it was well justified with how I would mercilessly bash his beloved Buffalo Bills into the ground on a daily basis.  If I recall correctly, Nik was the first person that posted the now infamous “Wide Right” gif upon which he immediately posted Why the Hell I just post something CK is going to troll me on forever?”.

Over the years Nik realized that the constant Bills bashing was all for fun and I hope he knew that he was an important part of the TSR Blog Family who will be missed.



I knew Nick for a long time. Before I knew he was a Football fan or a Hockey Fan or even a WWE fan, I just knew he was a good guy. A guy you can sit around and have a beer with. A guy that could play beer pong with the best or dominate a poker table. That’s what I came into… He knew my sister first. They were in the same class, and I met him initially through her, but through my Freshman year of college we grew closer, and near the end we ran a show together. We had a blast together running that show and some of my favorite memories in school came from that show. It was The Laramie Project. Story of a young gay boy named Matthew Sheppard, who was beaten to death in Wyoming. I was the light board operator and he was the Stage Manager. We were on headset together making jokes back and forth… and then one night, there was a couple directly across from us in the booth and the guy was being very cuddly and needy and all over this girl. So obviously we spend the night making fuun of him. Unbeknownst to us, Matthew Sheppard’s cousin lived in a neighboring town and decided to come see the show… and of course she and her boyfriend were the ones we made fun of the entire time.
After college we fell apart a little. I would still message him here or there but no real substatial convos. Until I found him again on the ESPN AFC East page while Tim Graham was still posting. We got talking again, got back to being good friends. I would visit him at work from time to time. Hell I was in 4 Fantasy Football leagues with him at one point.
He’s a great man. A better father. And an incredible friend. And I’m going to miss him terribly… Go Bills. Go Sabres. Go Marclar…
-Jim Link

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