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Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron
S/R Staff
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By: Opinion Slayer

As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.

There is an Old Testament Proverb that states “Iron Sharpens Iron”, it’s meaning is significant and when applied it can produce incredible results. The New England Patriots have made a big splash so far in free agency with acquisitions like Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner to bolster their secondary. The schemes the hooded genius will come up with on defense once both of them are on the field will be fun to watch, especially with pro-bowler D. McCourty floating over the top. The resigning of fan favorite Julian Edelman (In a well deserved contract) and the addition of WR Brandon LaFell has definitely strengthen this team on both sides of the field. The Patriots have been busy, fiscally effective and outstanding so far with the possibility of some additional moves yet to materialize.

But don’t count on DeSean Jackson being one of them. Even though he is a great talent, the extra baggage he brings and ridiculous price tag doesn’t make a lot of sense when you already drafted another young receiver that can run the 40 in the 4.3’s who’s taller and 30lbs bigger at a fraction of the cost in Josh Boyce. The TCU speed demon is not at Jackson’s skill level at the moment but after a full camp with lots of reps, he should show tremendous growth and be an x-factor literally in stretching the field with A. Dobson.

Also don’t forget about L. Blount either, it’s not an exciting move but I personally think he’s coming back to the fold. Both sides have shown interest in reuniting and I don’t blame them. Some of the best highlights of last year came by Blount Force Trauma and without his late season explosion against the Ravens, Bills and Colts this team may not finish where they did. And for those who were let down by his performance at the AFC Championship game (Like myself) after watching what Denver’s front line did to Beast Mode in the SB, I had to concede that The Broncos run defense was legit and when Brady couldn’t connect with his receivers it was game over.

Now Jared Allen on the other hand is very intriguing. As much as I love Vince Wilfork and all he has done for this organization on and off the field, the possibility of getting a guy who has averaged 13 sacks a season over his career with this new secondary could be lethal (And btw Allen is not coming off an Achilles tendon tear and doesn’t weigh over 325lbs). Cutting Vince would also free up an additional moneys (7.5 million in salary and 11.6 cap hit) which makes this possible move a legitimate option. Obviously to the delight of many fans if The Patriots can work things out with Wilfork that’s a pretty good option too if he can stay on the field (Big if!) and would set up New England for a great draft.

Currently the pats have over 4 million in cap space but we are not 100% sure yet but most likely will have the 4.5 million for the draft they need and hopefully an additional 2 million for contingencies when it’s all said and done if not more depending on other restructures that may take place over the next few months and #75. Everybody loves to speculate on what Bill will do in the draft so let me join the fun. The Patriots have a strict process of getting the best player in their grading system not always predicated by needs but by talent and ability. I probably have a better chance of getting a billion dollars from Warren Buffet in my March Madness Bracket than I do figuring out who will be drafted so I won’t bother but the pats need to get a bonafide TE who can make plays (And for Gronk insurance, gulp!) to help out Brady. A couple of DE/DT, a LB and some more help up front on the O-Line, if New England does that they will be in terrific shape going into training camp.

Some may want some more help at the WR position but I don’t think the pats need anymore rookies at that position. It is still possible that the patriots pick an additional WR in free agency but I like to think with Edelman, Amendola and Dobson all back together and with Lafell, Boyce, Thompkins and Harrison competing, Brady will have much better production in the passing game from his receivers and be a top five offense once again.

There could still be some surprises over the next month before and after the draft but every pats fan should be excited right now! Have you taken the time to think how this new secondary is going to sharpen the skills of New England’s receiving core? Have you taken the time to think on how this will benefit Brady? Truth be told This offense is going to have a harder time scoring on the practice field than they will on some Sundays. You couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to develop growth on a week to week basis for this offense.

Sadly health will be the key factor for this team to accomplish their true goal, it’s been the biggest Achilles heel (Pardon the pun Vince) to this team at the most critical times. The health of Amendola and Gronkowski this year could very well determine their future with this organization as well. If the patriots can stay healthy without losing high caliber players through out the season like last year New England will have the advantage for best record in the AFC.

Think about it? They went 12-4 with a decimated team with 3 rookie wide receivers. The Denver Broncos will have to compete against the NFC West this year, a competitive division, The Patriots and Bengals on the road and the up and coming Colts as well (This team will be dangerous). They are not going 13-3 again and home field matters so The Patriots need to capitalize and they will! As they sharpen patriot iron with patriot iron!


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