The Jets should stick with Geno

The Jets should stick with Geno
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The 2013 NFL season is over and the Jets exceeded expectations. They finished 8-8 when many thought they would be 4-12 or worse. The starting QB for this team was 2nd round rookie Geno Smith who had an up and down season that made fans love him one second only to hate him the next. He finished the year throwing 3,046 yards, 12 TDs and 21 INTs plus 6 TDs rushing. After the season GM John Idzick stated that he will be looking at QBs in the 2014 draft. However if Idzick was smart, he would stick with Geno at least for the next year.

                Geno Smith had two games with three interceptions, five games with two interceptions, five games with one interception, and four games with no interceptions. Turnovers were clearly a major problem for him. During one 4 game stretch he completed 29/72 for 384 yards, 0 TDs, and 6 interceptions. However what is more impressive is he did a complete 180 and in the final 4 games completing 68/116 for 784 yards 4 TDs and 2 INTs. This shows that Geno was able to make the improvements and learn from his mistakes which is what the goal should be for a young QB. Overall the turnovers look bad, but what is more important is he was taking risks and hopefully will be learning from them by watching game film in the offseason, especially if he is serious about getting better.

                Also, the offense the Jets had really wasn’t that intimidating. The WRs were Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill, two guys that will be more than likely gone next year. A shaky oline also did not help things as Geno was sacked 43 times, tied for 5th in the NFL. The only bright side of the offense was a running game which was the 6th in the NFL that took some pressure off of Geno. What would really help Geno get better would be to get him some weapons. The Jets have enough cap room after cutting Holmes and Mark Sanchez to sign at least one veteran WR like Golden Tate or Eric Decker and maybe go for the home run in TE Jimmy Graham. Idzick could get a real upgrade by getting a playmaker in the 1st round. They will be picking 18th in the draft which means Sammy Watkins from Clemson will be long gone but Mike Evans from Texas A&M and some great Tight End prospects like Eric Ebron, Austin-Sefarian Jenkins and Jace Amaro should be there for the taking. Getting one of those players will bring some size to the offense and will help Geno out greatly.

                In conclusion, Geno had a very rookie year. He had some highs and some lows that were really low. Sometimes he cost the Jets the win but other times he was the reason they won. Overall Geno did enough and improved enough that he deserves to be the starting QB in 2014. I am of the belief that you do not give up on a QB after 1 year, especially a rookie QB.  If the Jets make any move the only move I believe the Jets should do is sign a veteran QB who can help Geno out on the sidelines and be a mentor for him.  Otherwise drafting a QB in the 1st 3 rounds would be restarting and in a year where Rex needs to win or else, that would not be wise. Geno has the upside, he has shown the upside and if he puts the work in can be the QB the Jets envision him to be. All Geno needs are some weapons, just like every other young QB. The future is bright for Geno, and the Jets should stand behind him, or else they will be the laughingstock of the NFL for a few more years, which I doubt Rex and Idzick want.



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